bleubird_mixedtape10I used to put together monthly “mix tapesyears ago here on Bleubird. Music has always been a huge part of my life and I am constantly on the look out for new-to-me bands to add to my ever-growing library. The last mix tape I made was back in 2010, so I think we are way past due for a new one. I’m hoping to find time to share some great songs, new and old with all of you that I am listening to from time to time, so turn up the volume, press play, and enjoy!

Have any great bands I should know about or add to a future mix? Please let me know what you’re listening to in the comments.

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7I always thought I had pretty good vision until about a year ago when my eyesight started to change. It’s most likely a result of the time spent working in front of a computer screen, but I have noticed that my eyes feel more strained and less focused recently. Similarly, Julian had a school physical and the doctor informed us that he should have his eyes checked by an optometrist. So, when the LensCrafters opportunity arose, we naturally hopped on for the one stop shop experience.

12Recently, LensCrafters introduced Clarifye—an updated, state of the art eye exam technology that uses high-resolution imaging to detect eye issues. Instead of relying on the outdated manual process, Clarifye reads the shape of your eyes and automatically provides a precise prescription. The new technology allows for the doctor to not only quickly determine your eye health, but also detect health issues like glaucoma, cataracts, and diabetes. The process was quick, informative, and educational; after the initial eye exam, our optometrist showed us detailed images and videos to help diagnose our eye health and vision. Julian and I found out that we both still have fairly good vision, but will need glasses while working, studying, and reading.

1312311After testing out a wide variety of frame options, Julian and I both opted for some cool new prescription Ray-Bans. LensCrafters utilizes AccuFit technology to assure a perfect fit for any frame you choose through a digital measurement system, and the in-store myLook app allowed us to compare our appearance in up to four frames at once. This service makes it easy to see your favorite choices all in one place to find your perfect pair.

4510698While our visit to LensCrafters did not include our little ones, we learned that they recently created a back-to-school themed site, Eye on Kids Health for kids to learn about the importance of vision-care and their overall health. The exercises are not intended to test or measure a vision problem, but instead to teach kids about the significance of receiving regular eye exams through fun and interactive games. Birdie and Sailor loved playing along with “Penny the Pirate” as she walked the plank and searched for buried treasure, all the while learning about the importance of healthy and strong vision. The site also features vision healthcare information for parents and provides recommendations for comprehensive eye exams for kids and adults alike.

We get to pick up our new glasses any day now. Can’t wait! Thank you, LensCrafters!



morning_personI am a wannabe morning person. As much as I enjoy starting my day early, while everyone else is still asleep, I would much prefer to stay up late—while everyone else sleeps. I tend to think better late at night, and I think I am more productive and work faster, too.

I do, however, admire those friends of mine that are up before dawn, who have already completed their twilight run (yes, they do that!), morning cup of coffee and avocado toast, shower, and are ready to roll by the time my alarm is buzzing. I have never been a morning person, even as a child. I think it may be because my mother was not a morning person. We are always running late—always—and always in a rush. I also recall my grandparents going to bed at a very early hour—I lived with them in Arizona off and on as a kid. They would go to bed right after Jeopardy at 7 pm, and then would wake up at 4:30 every morning. I’ve always wondered why they chose this sleep schedule, but I know there’s something magical about early mornings. I’ve done it, and can appreciate the calm and solitude.

Making the switch seems so appealing, but I think I would have a hard time giving up my late night lifestyle. It’s my “me time” and with four kids and a non-stop work schedule, I am pretty set in my ways. That being said, I would love to start going to sleep a little earlier and waking up with the sun to meditate, workout, read, make breakfast, etc.

Are you an earlier riser? Any tips on how to restructure your sleep cycle? Please share with me below!

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nyfwI hope everyone had a great short week! It looks like I’ll be working most of the weekend, but I am excited to get caught up a bit. Happy Friday, and here are this week’s ten things…

1. Pre-orders for Apple’s next generation iPhone 7 started this morning. Aubrey and I ordered ours as soon as we woke up. Can’t wait!

2. Phil Oh’s best street style pics from NYFW.

3. I had the best buffalo cauliflower dish from Josephine the other night and want to make it at home. This recipe looks promising.

4. North Korea’s nuclear test sparks global outrage.

5. Has anyone read this book? I bought it, but haven’t opened it up yet. Sounds funny, but I am not sure I am ready.

6. I am anxiously awaiting the new CBS series attempting to solve JonBenét Ramsey’s murder. I was in High School and living in Boulder at the time of the murder and it has always been at the back of my mind.

7.  A list of simple things you can do to boost your productivity.

8. Yayoi Kusama’s “Infinity Mirrors” is going on tour in North America next year. I want to go!

9. Lena Dunham interviews Amy Schumer on Lenny.

10. There are a ton of new arrivals in-store and online at Two Son from Jesse Kamm, Ilana Kohn, Bliss & Mischief, Ace&Jig, and more.

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8Since August just wrapped and September is now in full swing, I thought it would be the perfect time to share some of the things I’ve been loving a.k.a. my recent “favorites”. These items could include and aren’t limited to beauty products, clothing items, songs stuck in my head, things I’m watching, places I’ve been and enjoyed, good food, and more. So without further ado, here are some of my current favorites…

1249RANDOM FAVORITE THINGS: Gimme all the papaya! I have been eating papaya with lime (I prefer key limes) all summer long, and I haven’t gotten sick of it yet. I like them when they get real ripe, then cut them in half, scoop out the seeds, and squeeze a ton of lime juice inside and eat them with a spoon—delicious! I just received these Nude Sandalia slides from Beatrice Valenzuela. I love the neutral color and simple style, plus they are extremely comfortable. I have been living in my vintage Lee overalls—have already worn them three times this week. They are worn perfectly thin and are more comfortable that pjs. I just burned through my Violet Le Feu de L’eau candle and picked up another one because I was missing it. It smells of grapefruit and red tobacco. If you’re looking for a beautiful, clean scent to fill your home, this is a great one! I just finished up The Night Of, an HBO eight-part series. If you like crime and suspense, this show is an incredible ride with an excellent cast and acting. For a really good wine, I’ve been loving Stema Pinot Noir as of late. I drank it quite a bit last year and haven’t seen it on the shelves in months, so I was happy to find it again at our local wine store. I preordered the new NAF album a couple of months ago and it just arrived. We’ve been listening to it non-stop. You will usually catch me in jeans and a t-shirt most days, but I have been wearing a lot of dresses over the summer. My favorites are from See Sun (Birdie has a matching dress), Jesse Kamm, Christy Dawn, and Dôen.

6SKINCARE FAVORITES: Glossier is about to release three new products called The Supers. They are a trio of very different serums that target various skin conditions, like tired, dull, and dry skin. They sent me each of them to try out before the official launch later this month. My two faves are the Super Bounce and the Super Glow. For those of you interested in trying our Glossier, I have a special link for 20% off. It’s good for anything on the site! I tried out the ever popular SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. I am still a little confused on what exactly an essence is, but have seen a dramatic difference in my skin since using it. It goes on kind of like a toner, but I sprinkle the solution into my hand and pat it into my skin, so I don’t waste any. It is too pricey to waste a drop! My skin feels much tighter and firmer since I’ve started using it regularly. Olay’s Regenerist SPF 30. I started using this over the summer as a part of the skincare challenge I participated in and have been using it every day since. It’s great, doesn’t smell strong like other SPFs, and I feel great knowing that my skin is protected. I went back to my faithful Eve Lom Cleanser. Just can’t quit it and I love that it comes with a muslin cloth for removal. I was turned onto Lush’s BIG Shampoo from one of my girls at work. It’s a thick, sea salt-filled shampoo that leaves my hair squeaky clean and full of volume. It gives my fine hair some serious lift and texture. I love that it’s all natural, too. My friend Rebeka got me hooked on the Dr. Jart Ceramidin Liquid. It’s like a pre-moistuizer, moisturizer. After I use my serum, I let this thin liquid sink into my skin for about 5 minutes before I use my regular face cream and my skin feels and looks more hydrated than ever. Lastly, my friends Jen and Adriane started up an incredible new line of bath oils and salves called Clary Collection, based here in Nashville. I am OBSESSED with the bath oil and use it after every shower—Aubrey does, too. The scent is so, so good! Clary’s online store is still in the works, but for those who are curious, you can check them out and possibly order from the Facebook page or via Instagram.

7MAKEUP FAVORITES: I’ve been keeping my makeup routine fairly simple these days. Some of the products I have been consistently using and loving are the Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint in the color Light. It’s not a foundation and really lets you see your skin, adding a very minimal, sheer coverage. It’s great for that no-makeup look. I just apply 10-12 drops to my face with my fingers. I recently picked up this little pot of Vaseline Lip Therapy in Rosy Lips and it has quickly become a new favorite. Not only is it under $3, but it’s so incredibly smooth and simple. The subtle pink color is like my natural lip color, elevated. It’s a must try! They’re Real Mascara from Benefit in brown. This mascara separates like no other and I love the more subtle color. For days or nights when I want to feel a little more dressed up, I apply Lila B. Devine Duo lip and cheek tint in B. Darling to my lips. It’s a pretty orange-y/coral color and feels very Chloë Sevigny. For cheeks, I’ve been wearing the Kjaer Weis Cream Blush in Abundance. It’s so pretty and blends so well. I ran out of my favorite eyeshadow shade from Stila Eyeshadow in Grace, but had this Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow in Stone from my beauty closet stash that looked pretty close in color. It’s a little darker, but I like it, especially for a night out. A couple more Glossier favorites: Haloscope in Quartz as a highlighter and Boy Brow in Brown every day. I just ordered two more tubes of Boy Brow because they are back in stock. Don’t forgot to take advantage of that 20% off discount code!

3KIDS’ FAVORITES: We took Birdie to the American Girl store for her sixth birthday last month and she is obsessed. I always wanted one as a child and it’s pretty fun living vicariously through her. We are making her a little chart, so she can earn accessories and clothes through good behavior, chores, and helping out. Annie’s Granola Bars—we can’t keep these in the house for more than a day, two max! All four kids devour them, us adults, too. Both little kids have been dictating these adorable stories at school and their teachers write them down word for word. I’ve included Sailor’s most recent in the photo above, but it may be a little hard to see. It reads:

The Zoo, by Sailor. The lion touched the elephant. Then he saw the giraffe and he super loves him. The he saw a kid and said “What happened to you?” The lion walked around and saw a squirrel and was being nice to him. He saw a crab and a mouse and ran away. Then he saw a brown dog and scared him away with his roar. He saw a princess in a carriage with a nice horse. He saw a river, but he did not like it. He saw a kite and it flew away. Then he saw a panda on a mountain and wanted to get it. The end.

Birdie has become quite the little artist. She painted us this rainbow kitty and has been practicing writing her name in cursive, seen above. Sailor is still very much a fan of his Star Wars toys. I love finding them all over the house. He still gets bored with the movies—maybe he’ll like them in a couple more years. Julian has been loving his new-to-him car that he received for his sixteenth birthday last week. Although he is currently working on Driver’s School and won’t be getting his license for another three weeks, I catch him outside smiling at his car daily. Plum is busy with volleyball and working on that powerful overhand serve. We donated new volleyball uniforms to the school for this season and the team is pretty pumped. She is also obsessed with all things Everlane. It’s pretty cute. She said that when she grows up, the only thing in her closet with be by Everlane. Ha!

That was pretty fun. Will be back next month with more favorites!

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