A weekly portrait of my children.

Sailor, age 2: He loves anything with wheels.
Birdie, age 4: Saturday morning cartoons.
Plum, age 12: Feels a little embarrassed in front of the camera these days.
Julian, age 14: He wakes up so early for school that it’s still dark outside.

Footnote: I am sure that last photo is going to come with some questions about schooling/homeschooling. For those who are curious, the big kids went back to a traditional school this year. It was time. We are so thankful for the three years that we got to spend together homeschooling. Such a special gift that we will always treasure.




A weekly portrait of my children.

Sailor, age 2: Snickerdoodle face.
Birdie, age 4: Playing Littlest Pet Shops on the Wii.
Plum, age 12: Making me laugh, as always.
Julian, age 14: Best big brother in the whole wide world.




Last year, I took a photo of my kids every week, until the year was over. I had hoped to keep the tradition strong and do the same again this year, but stopped after just twelve weeks. Looking back through the photos this morning and seeing just how incredibly cool documenting their growth and personality week after week truly was, I’ve decided to give it a go once again. Those photos are really something special.

Julian: Practicing a little AC/DC tune on the guitar.
Plum: Wearing Mama’s hat and making funny faces.
Birdie: It’s a pink Push-Pop kind of day!
Sailor: Talking up a storm these days and always has a car in hand. Always.

52 / 11 & 12


Week 11 :

Julian: This is the look he gives you when he’s listening to what your saying, and waiting for you to finish so he can say something sarcastic in response.
Plum: The Saint Patty’s day cookies were a hit!
Birdie: She was very concerned that he would miss the paper and color on the floor.
Sailor: Playing rather than eating is how it goes most meals.

Week 12:

Julian: He has declared this “hair cut week.”
Plum: Face Timing with her best friend back in Texas.
Birdie: This week is all about tutus… and kitty faces.
Sailor: He isn’t talking much yet, but has been saying little things here and there. He says “Haaaaah” and waves when people walk in the door and he says “tain-ye” for “thank you.” He also blows kisses and waves “bye” when you say “goodnight.” Love him!



This weeks photos:

Julian: My two sons. Julian is truly the best big brother his siblings could ask for. Such a sweet and caring soul he is.
Plum: She wants to be a graphic designer/graphic artist when she grows up, so we gave her one of our old laptops and bought her a tablet so she could master her craft.
Birdie: She still requests a fresh kitty face each morning. I love this phase.
Sailor: Planting lemons. What a difference a week makes as far as weather goes.

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