Some photos from around our home.

We’ve been spending most of our days inside due to the cold weather and I feel like we’ve been climbing the walls. This long winter has been kind of a bummer for us. Coming from Texas, we aren’t used to so much cold and gloom. All of us are looking forward to sunshine and springtime; playing in the park, outdoor movies, trips to the vineyard, back yard barbecues, and swimming in the lake.

I will say that the gray of winter does make for some pretty light in our home. That is something I can appreciate.

Come on spring! We are anxiously awaiting your arrival.



I love a good red lip. Red dresses up any look and makes you feel feminine. Generally I lean towards a more natural look from day to day, but when I want to feel a little special I’ll reach for the red. Every shade of red, whether it be a fire engine red, a pimento with a hint of orange or a dark crimson looks different on everyone. I have admired someone’s color and then tried it on myself, only to be disappointed that it didn’t complement my coloring. There are actually hundreds, if not thousands, of different reds to choose from. How do you know what works for you? They say that the best way to find your perfect red is to go into a cosmetic store like Sephora or a makeup counter like Benefit and ask a professional to match your skin tone. They can help you find your perfect shade.

Red lip tips…

  • Wear very little eye make-up. Your lips are the main focus here and just a little bit of mascara will do the trick.
  • Avoid darker shades of red if you have thin lips. They tend make them look smaller.
  • To prevent bleeding, apply a small amount of concealer around the border of your mouth.
  • To prevent your red lip from fading, fill them in with a matching lip liner before applying your lipstick.
  • Avoid getting red on your teeth by placing your index finger in your mouth and close. Then pull your finger out to get rid of any excess.
  • Wear your red lip with confidence.

My favorite reds: 08 Iconic by Jemma Kidd, Russian Red by MAC, Wild Rose by Korres and my go-to red tint is Sugar Cherry by Fresh. Do you have a favorite red?

Photos above: top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right.



we went up to chicago last week for a five days. i had a some work up there and so we decided to stay a few extra days to spend time with our friends matt and stevie and their baby boy and to see my cousin lizzie who i adore. stevie and i were pregnant at the same time with due dates only a week apart. our boys also share a name, rhodes, which neither of us knew at the time. i think it’s pretty special given that rhodes is such a unique name. sailor’s middle name is rhodes for those of you who don’t know. those two boys are the best of friends. it’s really cute…








































we had an amazing time like always, but this trip was extra special because julian and milla were there with us. it was their first time and they both fell hard for all that chicago has to offer. julian’s favorite part was the bean. he was so excited to see it. milla’s favorite part was just the whole experience. i asked her to elaborate and she said “just the whole thing. everything. the good food, all the cool things to see, the bean, the cool stores. everything.”

we went to a few of our regular hang outs and checked out a few new ones. heritage, our favorite coffee/bicycle shop opened up a collective studio with our friends matt and stevie. it’s a milk and cookie bar, photo studio, kids bike shop and smilebooth chicago headquarters. it’s the cutest little spot and they have tiny linus bikes there. i fell in love with them and am thinking that one will make a nice christmas or birthday gift for birdie in the future. she’s still a little small for a bike like that. we went to an incredible restaurant and bar called parson’s for dinner one night. it was so good. they have this insane pimento toast that is seriously one of the best things i have ever tasted. i crave it already and can’t wait to go back. do yourself a favor and go if you are in the windy city. i have a feeling you’ll thank me. we also went to the land of nod headquarters while in town. i had a meeting with them about some up and coming projects and of course my kids were in heaven. the store is gorgeous and the kids have officially started their christmas lists thanks to the massive toy selection. it was a really great trip. we are home now for the holidays and i am happy about it. it’s been a busy year and i look forward to relaxing a bit.

thanks matt and stevie for snapping a few of these photos for us.




while i was in houston last month, i finally got a chance to eat at uchi, which opened up a couple of months before we moved. i went with two girl friends and let me say i was completely blown away by the meal. it was by far the most incredible sushi that i have ever tasted. the fish was so delicate that it seemed to melt in your mouth. if you are ever in houston or austin, please do yourself a favor and visit uchi. it will not disappoint. one of my favorite things on the menu were the brussel sprouts. they are so good and sure to convert anyone who isn’t a fan into a brussel sprout believer. i searched the web to find the recipe and found an adapted one here, but it seems complicated and has so many steps and ingredients that i did not have on hand. i kept searching and then found this one, with a lot less steps and a similar taste. i followed it almost exactly below…





you will need:

brussel sprouts
olive oil
2 cloves of garlic, minced
2t fish sauce
2T sweet chili sauce
salt & pepper

cut ends off of brussel sprouts and cut in half. toss in olive oil until evenly coated and salt and pepper generously. spread your brussel sprouts evenly on a baking sheet and roast in a 400 degree over for 15-20 minutes or until browned and tender. while the sprouts are roasting, mix together your chili and fish sauces and add your minced garlic. once your sprouts are nice and roasted, remove them from the oven and transfer to a bowl. add your sauce, stir and coat evenly. next transfer the brussel sprouts back to the baking sheet and spread out evenly. place them back into the over for an additional 4-5 minutes, but watch them close so they don’t burn. you just want the sauce to slightly caramelize. remove from oven. serve and enjoy immediately.

p.s. rumor has it that they are opening up an uchi nashville location in 2016. yes!

p.p.s. 27 days until thanksgiving!!! i have already started planning.



Aubrey and I rarely get out of the house together, without the kids. In fact, we have only done so twice since we moved here to nashville, six months ago. it’s not easy finding the time or the energy to have regular date nights, but it is important. sometimes you have to get creative when time, exhaustion and money are issues. here’s a fun idea for a romantic date night in, on a budget. grab a blanket, dim the lights and have a living room pizza picnic by candle light.

what to wear and what to do (in no particular order) … one. pick up your favorite bottle of wine.  two. throw on a cozy top.  three. light a candle.  four. pull on your favorite jeans.  five. dress it up with some simple jewelry.  six. find a good record.  seven. pull on some comfy socks. skip the shoes.  eight. turn on the record player.  nine. order a pizza.

how often do you get out, just the two of you? do you date night at home?

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