It’s always exciting to wake up to a fresh dusting of snow. It happens only a few times each winter where we live, which we are very grateful for. Every time we wake up to the yell of “SNOOOOW!” from one of the kids, we all pop out of bed, throw on our warmest clothes and boots and run outside to enjoy the blanket of white that covers the yard and forest behind our house, before it melts away. I’m sure this sounds silly for those of you who get several inches (or several feet), but our little inch creates some pretty big smiles around here. By the time we come inside and start to warm up, the snow is already beginning to fade and by noon it’s usually gone completely. Snow mornings are the best mornings!




On a lucky weekend morning, Aubrey will let me and the teenagers sleep in, while he throws coats and shoes on the little kids and loads them into the car—pajamas, bed head, and all—and drives 40 minutes away to the closest Shipley Do-Nuts shop in Tennessee. Shipley is headquartered in Houston and we used to live just a few minutes from their original location. They have the best donuts and kolaches in the world (at least we think so) and we used to go early every single weekend, when they were piping hot and fresh out of the oven. These days we don’t get to indulge as often, but are always excited to wake up to a box full of a treats, both sweet and savory, that are a little taste of home. This last time Aubrey grabbed the camera and snapped a few photos from his early morning adventure and I’m so glad he did.




That’s right! Madewell is coming to Nashville and I’m hosting the opening! Come join me and my friends, next Tuesday, in celebrating the oh-so-anticipated arrival of one of my favorite stores in Music City. It’s going to be a great party, as always, with savory and sweet eats, drinks, some talented local makers who are doing a few exclusive “just for Madewell” pieces, and my friend Russ is spinning records! Oh, and of course Smilebooth will be there, too.

Tuesday, September 16th, 7-9 pm, 2126 Abbott Martin Rd. Nashville, TN. (Inside Green Hills Mall.) RSVP right here!

Hope to see you there! xx

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We live just across the way from this breathtaking place. Oddly enough, we don’t visit it often. In fact, we have only explored here two times before, both of which were nearly a year ago. It’s one of those funny things when you are going day-to-day, perhaps looking for something beautiful and/or fulfilling, but you don’t notice or you happen to forget that what you are searching for lives right next door. Today we decided to get out of the house to explore together, just the six of us. It’s been raining on and off over the past couple of days, but rain or shine, we were determined to get out for awhile. So, across the way we went, to rediscover this little nest of nearby land. We spent the afternoon trekking through the mud and dampened fields, getting dirty and sweaty and sticky, and just being together before sunset. It was a good good day.





It’s been pretty quiet over here over the past two weeks. Sorry about that. I’ll give you an update on what’s been happening in our neck of the woods… I celebrated a birthday. I am not really a big fans of birthdays (well, my birthdays), but I had one of the best I’ve had in years thanks to my sweet husband and thoughtful friends. We celebrated at City House, one of my favorite restaurants in Nashville, followed by a good birthday hang at a friend’s house, complete with my favorite gals and good wine. They totally made me forget about turning 25. ;)

The next day, two of my cousins flew in from out-of-state to stay with us over the next four days. I have not laughed so hard in a really long time. There is just something comforting and fun about family. We caught up over the course of their stay, since we don’t get to see each other that often, ate delicious food, talked about everything under the sun, and played with the kids. The photos above are from our day at Arrington Vineyards, drinking wine, playing with little friends, getting dirty, and enjoying the sunset. We’ve decided that the cousin reunion needs to become a regular thing.

The big kids came home this past weekend and I could not be happier. I always feel an immediate sense of completeness when they return from their trips. They had an amazing summer with their dad, step-mom, and little sister, and returned home an inch taller and with new hair cuts. Julian is 6’3″ tall now and towering over all of us. He turns 14 next week. I can’t even believe it!

It’s Birdie’s fourth birthday today. We spent the morning at home eating donuts, opening gifts, and playing with her new toys and balloons. We asked her where she wants to go for her birthday dinner tonight and she said “The place where the man cooks and does cook tricks with the food.” So, we will be going to get hibachi and then returning home for ice cream cake.

I am also preparing for a trip this weekend. I am flying to California to see my business partner Katie and then meeting up with some friends and driving down the coast to LA over a four day period. This will be my first trip, other than my over night stay in Austin nearly three years ago, sans children, in over a decade. I am excited, but also incredibly nervous about being away for so long. But, I do think it will be good for me to have some me time and I can’t wait to see some people who I love!

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I apologize for not updating this space more often. Mother Magazine (which has been doing incredibly well and is truly a passion and labor of love) along with my family, take up much of my time and it’s hard to find a steady balance. After my trip things should start to settle down, and I will definitely be taking my camera along for the ride to California and will share lots of photos. xx

Footnote: Birdie and Sailor’s cute clothes are from Darling Clementine.

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