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here’s a new conversation with birdie. enjoy.



here is another little chat with my two year old. enjoy.




Today I’m sharing ten things that I love, have stumbled upon, am currently experiencing, or am excited about right now. Enjoy!

1. I have loved Chloë Sevigny ever since I was sixteen years old and watched the movie KIDS for the first time. Her new book Chloë Sevigny is one that will stay on my book shelf, always.

2. I recently tried the highly praised Eve Lom Cleanser and I am completely obsessed. I just can’t imagine using any other cleanser on my face. It’s an oil based balm cleanser and comes with a muslin cloth for removal. My skin has never looked better and I actually look forward to washing my face each night. It’s kind of pricey, but a little goes a long way, and well worth the extra bucks for great skin!

3. My dear friend Kassi was pregnant at the same time I was with Sailor. She had twins less than two weeks after Sailor was born—a girl named Tavvi and a boy names Trax. Trax was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis and their story and struggles will capture your hearts. They filmed a short documentary with some film students to help spread the word on this life-threatening disease. It’s moving and I am so proud of each of them. I hope you’ll watch!

4. Ace&Jig released their new kid’s line today!

5. I found this recipe this week and am jonesing to make it! If I do, I’ll be sure to share.

6. I stumbled upon our old Conversations With Birdie videos the other day. We only made three of them and really wish I would have made more. These days I tweet some of the ridiculous and funny things that she says, but I may try to sit her down for another video if she’s into it.

7. I order pizza from Chicago. It’s not gluten-free, but it’s the best!

8. Next week, I’ll be in San Francisco to celebrate Mother’s one year anniversary. Can’t wait!

9. My friend Rebecca introduced me to this miracle product Cure Natural Aqua Gel. It’s the best-selling exfoliator in Japan—they sell one bottle every 12 seconds. It’s made up of natural plant extracts of rosemary, ginkgo biloba, and aloe vera and I am hooked! It’s very hard to find here in the States, but you can order it on Amazon and read up on the rave reviews.

10. Kaufmann Mercantile asked me to curate some of my favorite items and asked me a few questions, too. Take a look if you’d like.

Top image via NSS mag.



well folks, we dove into the packing process head first this week and i'm not going to lie, it completely sucks. packing and moving is pretty much the worst thing ever. boxing up this large of a family is a lot more work than we anticipated, not to mention stressful and just not really fun at all. our house looks like someone flipped it upside down, gave it a few good shakes and then turned it right side up. complain, complain, whine, complain. okay, i will spare you the details and stop now.

i had a slew of posts planned for this week, including another conversation with birdie, but have just not been able to find the time to plan, work on and post most days. i will do my best to keep the blog updated regularly, but may have a couple of silent days here and there until we move. i will also be putting a couple of our regular features on the back burner until we arrive in nashville. sunday's cake being one of them. we just don't have time for cake baking right now.

thank you for understanding! xoxo

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bits + pieces.

i hung our kidivist mobile in birdie's room. she's been spending more time playing in there lately which makes me smile. cinnamon roll tops for breakfast. i burnt the bottoms and had to cut them off. cool weather means getting to wear long johns to bed. preschool art. some beautiful clothes from ace&jig and some favorite shoes that are simple style keepers. long conversations with my son and adventure time toys. a ballerina happy to be dancing again. paper star garland and little doll dresses. tiny pony tail. a dark and gloomy thunderstorm. digging out the old train set after being in storage for nearly six years.

i hope you all had a good week. it's been pretty busy over here. a little stressful and exhausting even. i won't go into details and i will spare you any complaints but i am relieved that it's the weekend and that i can rest a bit. i also intend on catching up with my embarrassingly behind inbox that is full of unanswered and unread emails. whoops.

hope you all have a lovely weekend. feel free to link your bits + pieces posts below for all to see. it's always fun taking a peek into someone elses week.

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