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Bf1sliced strawberries and peanut butter on toast. marmite (yeast spread) and buttered toast.

Bf2veggie burger, blueberries, small curd cottage cheese and salt & pepper.

Bf3cous cous with baby tomatoes, chopped cucumber, feta cheese, sea salt and chilled olive oil.

Bf4vegan fried rice: brown rice, tofu, edamame, carrots, olive oil and liquid aminos (soy alternative.)

Bf5strawberries, blueberries and tarragon chicken salad: chicken breast, nayonaise, lemon juice, tarragon, chopped celery, chopped red onion, salt and pepper.

Bf6spinach and tomato quiche with sea salt.

gemma bird is 20 months old now and is on a fully solid food diet. she no longer nurses and does not drink bottles of milk or formula. she gets all of her nutrition from the food she eats. these are just a few expamles of some of her daily meals. she does eat some meat like fish and chicken but also many vegetarian dishes. she loves beans and likes bacon a great deal. i am so proud of my good little eater.



1mini sweet potato pancakes. strawberries. sliced pears. dried corn.

2organic cheese filled mini ravioli with pesto sauce. broccoli and sweet potato bites.

3vegan indian samosa wrap cut into pieces. hummus and cherry tomatoes.

5egg salad sandwiches made with nayonaise. dill pickle slices.

4tuna salad made with nayonaise, red onion and celery. strawberries.

6broccoli bites. pineapple chunks and cheese slices.

7vietnamese eggplant with roasted tomatoes, onions and rice.

some more reader questions regarding what birdie eats…

Q: do you eat the same meals or cook/eat different meals? A: for the most part yes, or i will make a family meal and then give her some re-vamped leftovers while we eat something that is not so baby/toddler friendly. Q: can you share your sweet potato waffles/pancake recipe? A: it's actually a mix that you can purchase at Wholefoods. Q: where do you get the broccoli bites? A: they are Dr. Praeger's Veggie Littles also available at Wholefoods. Q: where did you come up with the idea for your bird food posts? A: from my readers. i have posted what my children eat, including gemma bird at times, for the past year in a series called kiddo lunch. because i mainly nursed gemma bird up until the past six months (i still nurse her), what she ate was a very rare blog topic, but it was one of the most frequently asked questions that i received from my readers. they wanted some healthy meal and snack ideas for babies and toddlers.



Be4scrambled eggs with spinach and cream cheese, strawberries, blueberries and fig toast.

Be3large shell pasta with homemade veggie sauce and roasted cauliflower.

Be9avocado quesadilla and cutie wedges.

Be12a snack of cheddar bunnies, dried strawberries and organic cherry yogurt.

Be8apple chunks and cheesy scrambled eggs.

Be13broccoli bites, blueberries and cheese.

Be5lentil soup and sour dough toast with yeast spread.

Be6blueberry toast and naturally sweetened honey puffs.

Be1spinach filled tortellini soup.

Be10breakfast taco pieces and carrot bread.

Be7cous cous with left over lentil soup.

Be2blueberries, rice puffs and cutie wedges.

i keep forgetting to snap photos of what birdie eats, but i managed to get enough for a new post. a few more questions that have come in that i would like to answer regarding her eating habits. Q: is birdie a vegetarian? A: no, she is not. none of us are, however the girls do not eat meat very often. i think gemma bird has had a small amount of meat only a handful of times. Q: has she broken any of those pretty dishes you serve her food on? A: when this question was asked a couple of weeks ago the answer was no, however she has since thrown one bowl and it broke. sad face. Q: how do you get her to eat so much? it seems like her meals are pretty big. does she throw it onto the floor? A: i try to give her a lot of food with a few different options. she is still in the "trying stage." she does throw some food on the floor. usually when she is full or if there is something on her plate that she doesn't like.

keep the toddler food suggestions and questions coming.



Wbe1cheese filled tortellini with pesto.

Wbe2banana slices, blueberries and sweet potato waffles.

Wbe3fresh mozzarella pieces and tofu veggie egg rolls.

Wbe4garden burger, hummus pool with carrot fish and grape halves.

Wbe5earth's best elmo vegetable noodle soup and cantaloupe.

Wbe6lo mein noodles and broccoli.

Wbe7zucchini bread, avocado and strawberries.

Wbe8deconstructed breakfast taco: scrambled eggs with corn, black bean and lime salsa.

Wbe9sauteed yellow squash and zucchini with potato perogies.

some of you had questions about birdie's silverware usage. she is not a pro, in fact she's kinnnnda terrible at using her spoons and forks. but practice means improvement and she'll get the hang of it soon. for those of you who asked where we purchased her veggie silverware, you can buy them here.



i have been meaning to share more of what birdie eats for some time now but rarely remember to snap pictures before she devours her food. i snapped photos this past week of her meals (when i remembered to) and am excited to make this a regular feature here to help inspire but also to hear what all of you are feeding your little ones and hopefully come up with some new idea's myself.

2pink lady apple slices, mama made french toast.

7grape tomatoes, green grapes, vegetable lentil soup with very little broth.

8broccoli, bow-tie pasta, peas and feta salad with balsamic dijon dressing.

6roasted potatoes, carrots, onions and sweet potatoes.

1blueberries and greek yogurt with strawberries.

4veggie burger patty and avocado.

10sliced strawberries and banana rice puffs.

9green grapes, blueberries and an egg, fresh spinach and parmesan omelet.

12deconstructed taco: morning star crumbles, sauteed onion and bell pepper, avocado and black olives.

15organic baked beans and fresh bread.

5steel cut oats and maple syrup.

11crab apple bisque, fresh bread and water.

14scrambled eggs and avocado.

16cous cous with left over lentils and vegetables.


this girl likes to eat. a lot. and nurse. a lot. oiy… i need to really think about weaning her. i feel like it's a constant thing throughout the day and, cover your ears guys, my boobies are tired. i nursed plum until she was 18 months and birdie will be 17 months tomorrow. i really wanted to continue until she was two but i think it's time. i just remember it being very hard. any tips for this veteran? oh and bring on the toddler meal ideas and suggestions. i am always excited to try new things.

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