MealPrep_BleubirdMealPrep_Bleubird_2In order to start my week off on the right foot and to ensure that I am eating clean and not skipping meals, I spend most of my Sunday afternoons in the kitchen, prepping my food for the five+ days ahead. My meal prep routine technically starts on Saturday morning at the Farmer’s Market. I like to stock up on local produce and other locally made must-haves like tempeh and bone broth. I usually hit the grocery store next or Sunday morning to complete my list and then, while I’m putting everything away, I start prepping all of the veggies.

The above photos are an example of a typical meal-prep day well spent.

I roast a ton of vegetables in the oven with avocado or coconut oil, salt, and pepper. Here, I’ve roasted small potatoes, sweet potatoes, rainbow carrots, and cauliflower. I added some spicy paprika to the cauliflower. I also made a citrus lentil salad and marinated golden beets (my fave!). These are great additions to salads and bowls. I prepped some shredded chicken, peanut tempeh (another great one!), and quick pickled onions. I usually make a batch of quinoa and/or brown rice, so only a quick re-heat is needed during the week. I then chop up or spiralize a plethora of raw veggies—zucchini, cucumber, carrots, cabbage, radishes, and fresh herbs like mint, basil, and cilantro. Lastly, I prepare some clean dressings, cashew cheese, and sauces that I can dress my meals with for some extra flavor.

I’m usually in the kitchen for 4-5 hours prepping, but this saves me so much time and stress throughout the week. And, once you get your routine down and figure out your strategy, it goes faster. I just turn the music up loud and try to get the kids involved when and where I can—they make great sous chefs. I promise, once you start meal prepping and see what a difference it makes throughout the week, you won’t believe how you managed before.

One last thing: I’ve has a lot of requests for recipes as of late, so I will be sharing some of my favorite ones here, very soon! xx


  • Brooke

    When you share your recipes, I would love to see the one for the cashew cheese you mention. Recently started following a clean eating program and this sounds great!

  • La Shell

    Food prep saves me alot of time and money where lunch is concerned but sometimes I’m so lazy! Your food looks yummy!

  • Aurelie

    Can’t wait for you to share your recipes on the blog!

  • Calli Alford

    Minor typo in your last line:

    One last thing: I’ve has*

    Only pointing it out because it made me laugh (reminded me of bugs bunny or something) and I appreciate when people correct my inadvertent typos.

    You’re my longtime inspiration so I hope you’re not offended :)

  • Ray

    I love this new direction ur going in!

  • Adrienne

    I love this idea! And yes please share the recipes, especially the quick pickled onions. Time to get to the farmers market!

  • Teri @

    Love everything you do ! Thanks for sharing this. Looks great and your so organized

  • Petya

    How do you store all of your prepped items?

  • Jessica

    Your prep reminds me a lot of Tamar Adler’s “An Everlasting Meal.” What a great book (I need to bust that one back out!) and she did a couple of wonderfully cute meal-prep videos on Vimeo: and

  • Cris

    Thank you for sharing this James! Can´t wait to see the recipes for copy them!!

  • Chay

    Hi james! Been looking for meal prep reference one of these days. Thanks for making one, looking forward for the recipes. Btw if you don’t mind would you like to share about how to store those prep meal so it can last the whole week (or info about how long certain types of food last). Thanks!

  • emily

    are you also making meals for all the kids on top of this, or do they eat these things too?

  • Ina

    I also wonder how you store then so that they last for the whole week!

    • Ela

      Yes this is what always trips me up–I feel like what I end up with at the end of the week is a little wilted and in some case dubious.

  • Carlie Blume

    You should write a cookbook!…I would definitely buy it ;)

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