PeanutTempeh_BleubirdA friend of mine suggested I try tempeh as a protein alternative, since I am no longer able to eat red meat. For those of you who may be scratching your head as to why I can no longer eat red meat, I have Alpha-Gal, which is a sudden and serious allergy to most mammal products. There’s a great podcast about Alpha-Gal on Radiolab if you want to know more about it. Anyway, back to the tempeh. While at the farmer’s market on a Saturday, I found a little stand that makes and sells tempeh called Short Mountain Cultures. I tried a sample that was prepared with a peanut-y marinade and really liked it, so I bought some to try and make at home. The dish was a success and for the next three days, I piled my delicious peanut tempeh on top of various bowls and salads. I’ve made this several times now and am obsessed. Try it! I think you’ll like it.


One package tempeh (8 oz.)
3 Tbsp Tamari or gluten-free soy sauce
2 tsp chili garlic sauce (add more to taste)
1 Tbsp toasted sesame oil
1 Tbsp rice wine vinegar
2 Tbsp un-sweetened, natural peanut butter
1-2 Tbsp coconut nectar or honey, depending on how sweet you like (I used 1)
A good squeeze of lime juice (about 1 Tbsp)

First things first. You need to remove the bitterness from the tempeh—a pro tip! Cut your tempeh into squares. Place it into steamer and steam for 10-15 minutes. While the tempeh is steaming, combine the rest of the ingredients above into a bowl and mix well. Once tempeh is done steaming, pat dry and coat with sauce. Let tempeh marinate for 30 minutes to an hour. Pre-heat oven to 375. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Arrange tempeh on baking sheet and pour excess marinate on top. Bake for 25-30 minutes until golden brown. Enjoy!

Tempeh will keep up to three days in the refrigerator.

PeanutTempeh_Bleubird3PeanutTempeh_Bleubird2PeanutTempeh_Bleubird4PeanutTempeh_Bleubird6Recipe adapted from here.


  • Alexis

    I’m always on the lookout for new gluten free recipes to try. Thanks for the inspiration!


  • Elise Liddell

    yay for tempeh! as someone who grew up in indonesia where tempeh is a staple food (along with tofu), i’m so proud when i see foreigners eat tempeh and enjoy them. i once saw this video where a caucasian says he’s so in love with tempeh when he was in indonesia that the moment he went back to his hometown (which was UK, iirc), he began selling tempeh as street food. in indonesia, we usually just fry the tempeh (no fancy modification or anything) or stir-fry it with some veggies (mostly green beans) so this is really interesting that you mix it with peanuts! definitely a recipe i’m going to jolt down on my notebook :D

  • Jessica

    Do you prefer to serve it with rice, veggies? What goes best with it?

  • Maja Harder

    Peanut temper is such a good idea! I have to try that soon :)

  • Jayme

    Definitely will be trying this out! I’m intrigued by your diagnosis – I recently read that there’s a disease spread by ticks that causes people to become allergic to meat, which I couldn’t believe when I read about it. I’m so surprised to now find out one of my favorite bloggers is afflicted! I personally have been vegetarian for 21 years (since I was 15) and have been vegan since the start of the year, so I’ve been very interested in your recent posts of more plant based meals. Did you find it difficult, making the change? How did you feel about your diagnosis?

    • James Kicinski-McCoy

      It was so difficult at first, especially when I didn’t know what was going on and continuously getting sick. I still get craving for things, especially hotdogs. Haha! I have no choice, so I have accepted it. IT’s not fun at all, and have to be very careful of contamination at restaurants, but I have become much healthier because of it, so that’s great! Glass half full.

      • Ray

        That’s gotta be tough! I was vegan by choice(it ruined my health so I had to quite) but I could still be lax if I desired to be, not having the choice would make it both much harder, but in a way you have a life of death motivation to figure it out. I wish you the best with it and I have been loving the health centered posts.

  • Ray

    I have always loved tempeh and tofu but gave them up when I stopped being vegan for health reasons and now I realize I could probably still eat tempeh once a week, this recipe looks perfect, thanks!

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