It’s been about five months since we switched Bijou over to an IAMS diet. If you haven’t already heard about this process, I wrote all about it here in February. When I first wrote about this, many of you were curious about the switch—especially those who were already big fans of #bijouthebengal. So, now that some time has passed I wanted to give you an update on her and how she has adjusted to the swap.

The first thing you should know about our animals is that we all love them dearly—especially the kids. They snuggle and play with all three of our pets non-stop. And, inevitably, they also like to get a little wild from time to time. Bijou’s always been able to hold her own, but most recently, we’ve noticed that she’s been way more playful—kitten-like. She used to spend most of the day upstairs, in my room, sleeping, but recently, she hangs downstairs with us, around the living room or kitchen, full of energy, rubbing against our legs, or makes herself comfortable right on our laps. (Bengals are not a super cuddly breed, so we are thrilled that she’s been more social and energetic.) Even my assistant, Tiana, has noticed the difference and has grown to love the constant company and distraction, while we work.

Another change I’ve personally noticed is Bijou’s physical appearance. She’s as cute as ever, but she seems to be looking her best since the switch. Her coat really is shinier and softer. I know this because previously, if Bijou didn’t consume a certain type of food (with a hefty price tag), she’d start to look a bit mangy and wild, and she hasn’t since swapping to IAMS.

Pets, in general, are a big responsibility. But, Bijou is definitely our most high-maintenance animal. That’s not to say that we don’t love and adore her, we do; it just means that sometimes we have to pay extra attention to ensure that she’s getting all of the love, care, and attention she needs and deserves. Her diet—along with other factors surrounding her health—is a big part of that equation. Making the switch to IAMS has been an overall seamless process that’s resulted in one happy and healthy cat. And, we’re thankful for that.

I know that some of you had a few questions about IAMS in my last post, so to read more on brand, its ethics, and its pet food, be sure to visit We always aim to do what’s best for our pets, and Bijou seems to really be benefitting from her new diet.


This post is in partnership with IAMS.


  • Peta

    It’s so lovely to hear Bijous is happier and more kitten like after the switch. I recently switched my furbabies to a pet food brand which uses all organic natural ingredients and I have seen a similar change in them.

    We often forget just how much of a part food can play in our own health and that of our pets.
    Peta x

  • Christina

    Hi James! Have been following for years now and love seeing all your family’s pets, including the cute lovey Bijou :) I know you have the best intentions for them, so perhaps you give this a read:

    Basically, TL;DR – any wet food is better than dry food. Cats are obligate carnivores, and the carb content in dry food is too high, even in a high-quality dry kibble. The protein sources are often inferior, and overprocessed. I know you’re personally super health-aware so thought I’d share with ya. I didn’t know myself until a few years ago.

    Hugs to you and your fam <3

  • Melissa

    Bijou is absolutely gorgeous. After losing my cat in January, I wish I had more photos of this like him – especially the one of you and her because I always held mine over my shoulder like that.

  • Emilie

    My god James, she looks soooo cute!! Also, love the book set-up you have there and almost every picture you post on your interior. You have great taste.

  • Paula

    I’ve followed you for years now but I gotta say I miss the old days and fun posts, when you actually dedicated time about this blog & readers. You were such an inspiration! :( I know life is busy but oh well, I just miss it! hope you’re doing good & family is well and you’re still rocking awesome outfits even though we dont get to see it anymore! hopefully we’ll see some of it from time to time <3

  • Maddie

    When it comes to the wellness and spirit of our loved ones – the best is the best.

    Sharing this with you for your furry family member:)



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