jim-jam-topselex021-1,902.600.80.20.crop.2x.1479938782I cannot believe how quickly this year is flying by. Seems like the older you get, the faster it goes. I plan on taking an extra-long weekend and doing minimal work through the Fourth of July. Do you have any big plans? Nashville is expected to receive some bad weather over the new 3-5 days, so we haven’t figured out exactly what we’re doing yet—probably going to see a movie with the kids and maybe cook dinner with close friends, oh and the Hello Kitty Truck in in town this weekend, so we will be sure to stop by. Have a good one! Here are this week’s ten things…

1. Women in handmaid’s tale outfits protest the GOP healthcare bill.

2. Have you seen the Over/Under series from Pitchfork? It’s kind of hilarious.

3. Summer is upon us. Here are the 10 best hotdogs, according to The New York Times. Eat one for me!

4. An affordable and kick ass workout that you can stream in your living room. I’m hooked.

5. My solemates.

6. 10 Anxiety Remedies That Actually Work, According To Real Women.

7. Want to get away? Here are the 50 Best Places To Travel in 2017.

8. Take a look at the most influential images of all time.

9. How gorgeous is Masseria Moroseta?

10. Why the Senate Health-Care Bill would be absolutely terrible for women.

Photo above of my friends Jesse and Jimmy’s wedding, photographed by via Max Wanger.


  • Heather

    You were at THAT awesome ass wedding?!? I just wish I could’ve seen it, in all its spectacular, colorful glory IRL!

    I saw it in a magazine.. Dominoe I believe…

  • leah jennifer

    I want to get lost in Time’s photo collection for hours.

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