C96A9074I have officially been off of my cleanse for just about two weeks. I’ve stayed pretty true to the eating guidelines of the Clean Program, but have reintroduced some things here and there. During the first week that you complete the cleanse, you are encouraged to reintroduce gluten and dairy. I tried gluten first and ended up with terrible stomach cramping and bloating. I’ve decided not to continue gluten (at least for awhile) because I was miserable; read: doubled over in pain, crazy amounts of bloat, upset stomach, restlessness, etc. Dairy also upset my stomach and caused bloating, so I have been trying to avoid it as much as I can.

I have yet to reintroduce eggs, except for a small amount of aioli I had, while out to dinner one night. I miss eggs very much (crave them daily!), and do plan on incorporating eggs back into my diet one day soon. I have successfully eaten corn, peanuts, and soy again with little to no side effects. I have also indulged in the occasional glass of rosé and tequila soda and have felt fine, although I am trying to limit drinking to special occasions only. I have not had coffee and although the cravings for it are present, I have no plans on starting to drink it again. I can’t help but think that my anxiety is a side effect from it. I have been drinking tea, decaf or green, and have been enjoying a daily coconut matcha latte (self-made at home) and have not experienced any anxiety as a result.

I’m still drinking one smoothie per day—usually for breakfast, and then having a large protein and veggie packed lunch and a small healthy dinner. I’ve also been sticking to the 12-hour-rule (if I have my last meal at 7pm, then I do not have breakfast until 7am) that the cleanse recommends. Late-night snacking has always been a major comfort for me, but I am keeping it to a minimum. Although, there are times when I just want something and try to stick to fruit, nuts, or a smoothie. I’ve also continued taking the probiotics each morning to aid in digestion.

One thing that has really kept me motivated to keep up with the clean eating is staying organized—in the kitchen that is. I keep a very clean and orderly refrigerator and have two cupboards that I call my “wellness cabinets” full of all of my healthy foods, adaptogens, supplements, and protein powders. This way, I don’t need to search inside the family pantry and be tempted to grab a bag of chips or a cookie. Maybe it’s silly, but temptation is real and it works for me. It also helps me remember to use all of the things I have on a daily basis.

I’ve been sharing a look into my wellness practices on my Instagram Stories (I’m kind of addicted!), and have had so many questions and requests to share more and to go into more detail here.

Coming soon: A look into my wellness cabinet, my cliff notes to the 21-day cleanse I recently completed, favorite supplements and adaptogens, recent recipes and new eating habits, meal prep suggestions, an updated skincare and beauty routine, a peek into my newly renovated closet, and more. If you have any requests, let me know and I will do my best to accommodate.


P.S. Clean Program saw my cleanse recap and is offering $40 off of the 21-day cleanse. If you’re interested in trying it out (and I highly recommend it), use this link.


  • Shannon

    Thanks James, I would love to see your recipe for the coconut matcha latte and any smoothies that you really enjoy.

  • Brie

    I’m curious if you eliminated peanuts and not Tree nuts? And if so, why? I know peanuts are not nuts, but if you eliminated allergens Tree nuts are a big one, no?
    Also, I’m curious about what goes into your grocery cart each week! Every time I start (and ultimately fail…, a cleanse like this it’s usually because I run out of food mid week. Do you shop weekly or bi weekly, etc?

  • Molly

    Im loving these healthy posts!

  • Victoria

    Yay looking forward to these posts!

  • mandi@herbanhomestead

    This is awesome! I think your idea to have a separate pantry is genius. I know when I’m hungry and rifling for cashews, the goldfish can look awfully tempting!

  • Tasha

    I did a similar cleanse for a month to try to identity things in my diet that might be aggravating my endometriosis. I’ve been gluten-free for several years now, because of many of the symptoms you mentioned. I reintroduced eggs with no noticeable issues and I keep dairy to a minimum. Organic yogurt seems to be okay, but milk is a no-no.

    I’ve also become a big fan of matcha lattes, since cutting coffee. Thanks for sharing!

  • fefe

    Thanks for sharing your update!

  • Hanna Ulatowski

    Thanks for the update! So interesting that you’re not reacting well to gluten and dairy besides eating it before! I’m thinking about trying a whole 30 soon, I hope I get similar effects as well! Now I need to head over to your insta stories ;)

    • emily

      I did a cleanse, didn’t react well at all to gluten and dairy after, but once my body got used to them again, it’s been totally fine. I think when you eliminate something completely, your body will react when you reintroduce it.

  • Paige

    So interested in which supplements you take! I’ve started with Sun Potion’s Mucuna Prurienes and I’m hooked <3

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