I chose this photo for this week’s link list because this sleeping cat is my current spirit animal. My bigs plans for the weekend include sleeping in and staying in my bed for as long as I possibly can. Quick update on the tattoo removal… session one is behind me. It’s going to take approximately 10 sessions to completely disappear, but after just one treatment, this 20-year-old tattoo is already looking much lighter. I am hoping it will take less time to remove than we think. It did hurt like a mofo, but the pain literally lasted 10-15 seconds, tops, and now feels comparable to a sunburn. I can handle that, no problem. I go back in six weeks for round two. Hope you all have a great and restful weekend. Here are this week’s ten things…

1. A Dries Van Noten documentary is on the horizon.

2. What are your thoughts on Kellyanne Conway’s White House posture?

3. The Oscars ended with one major “whoops,” but Directors Damien Chazelle and Barry Jenkins are finding the beauty in it.

4. Speaking of the Oscars, did you see the Glossier Cloud Paint all over the red carpet? Talk about marketing genius!

5. This pair of sunglasses is on my want list.

6. Did you see this week’s Mother Profile? I love these cool newsprints and want to get a few made.

7. My current candle obsession.

8. My husband’s been listening to this podcast about finding Richard Simmons.

9. This Vietnamese-Style Turkey Burger feels reminiscent of Bahn Mi, and looks delicious!

10. Have you seen Get Out? It’s getting really good reviews. Looks terrifying, but I want to see it.

Photo above via Mr. Wallpaper.


  • Petya Grady

    I just wanted to let you know that Mother Magazine has been a life-safer during my pregnancy (31 weeks, first baby). I have especially enjoyed the mother profiles. I am 36 and have been very career focused so far and even though my husband and I were both very sure we wanted a baby, the news shocked me so hard. I was really taken aback. It has been so insanely helpful and uplifting to read about moms and parenting from such a grounded perspective… no airbrushing the difficulties but also so positive and uplifting and… cool. You guys are doing an amazing job!

    P.S. I live in Memphis and hope to plan a road trip to Nashville so I can visit Two Son and say hi!

    • James Kicinski-McCoy

      Thank you so much for the feedback Petya! It means the world. I am very proud of Mother. :) Please do stop into Two Son if you’re in town! xx

  • fefe

    Kelley Anne Conway’s posture is one thing – but I’m convinced that ANYONE who holds and pokes at their phone like that doesn’t understand technology.


  • Kashia

    The glasses looks stunning. I wish I could smell the candle. It looks nice as well. I can relate about removing your tattoo. I’m thinking about removing one of mine. Oh….regrets. I will try to talk my kids out of them as they get older as well.

    xoxo Kashia

  • Bonnie

    Dude. That podcast. Dude.

  • Jamie

    For me, it’s not really the posture that bothers me necessarily. I mean, it does bother me just because I effing hate her and the Trump admin. For me, though, the main thing is that if this were Hillary or another democrat doing this, Republicans/conservatives would frothing at the mouth with disdain, yet they’re fine with this and are poking at the “liberals” for finding anything to complain about.

    I personally think it’s super tasteless, no matter who you are, especially in a room of dignified women and men. And the excuses for why she was sitting like that are so weird, so she wouldn’t be in the photo or something? Then like, get the fuck out of the way? I don’t know.

    What do you think? Anyways, I’m glad to see you posting a lot of political things lately. People like to stay in a bubble, especially those who have the inspiration-type platforms, so I think it’s a good thing. People act like you have to be super informed and have a completely formed opinion on every issue, otherwise, keep your mouth shut. But it’s important to keep that conversation going whether you are involved in politics or not because it affects all of us.

  • Gillan

    Ugh, I don’t know why people still invite Kellyanne Conway to interviews. She’ll just give more alternative facts.
    Yes! I love Damien Chazelle and Barry Jenkins <3
    I haven't seen Get Out yet but I promise I will soon!
    The sunglasses look gorgeous!

  • Amy Murray

    I’ve seen that podcast on the popular podcasts – does he like it?!

  • Mia G

    I have seen get out, the day it came out in fact it was a great mix of thriller and comedy full of stereotypes mixed with things that make you think. It was a very smart movie so Jordan Peele did very well I cannot look at Alison Williams the same that’s for sure. The main actor was New but i thought he did very well at portraying both skepticism and fear: surprisingly I really did like the movie definitely not for the uptight though. Definitely go see!


  • Black Orquid Jewelry

    I’m going to watch Get Out tonight. Need to know what’s all the fuzz about.

  • david

    real wonders here , whenever i come , i see such kinda images which are edited excellently.

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