Treason+Gallery_HOLLYWOODNT_Cheyenne+Randall_prints-94Tomorrow is my first tattoo removal appointment. I am terrified. I’ve done my research and apparently the process is highly painful, more so than getting the tattoo. I currently have four tattoos and am working my way down to having just one—the little bird on my foot is the only one that I still like after all of these years, plus I got it with my best friend, so there are good memories and meaning there. A good life lesson that I am trying to preach to my kids, from my own experience is …maybe don’t get tattoos? Or, if you must, wait.

Of course, some people love their tattoos and are very sure of what they want to have placed on their bodies permanently, but I got my tattoos when I was fairly young (first and second tattoo at 18, third at 24, and fourth at 27) and I definitely look back and regret those very permanent decisions. And, I am thankful that I didn’t get some of the tattoos that I thought about getting buzzed into my skin over the years. At one time I wanted a robot, with a red heart on it’s chest, holding a bottle of mustard—the good ol’ MySpace days. Remember those? No disrespect to anyone who loves their tattoos or to those who are covered. I like tattoos. I think many of them are beautiful. Just sharing my experience of regret, especially now that I am about to sit in a chair and have one of them burned off.

Off my soapbox. I just wish I would have thought a lot more about my tattoo choices. People evolve over the years, styles and interests change, and tattoos, even though they can be removed with lasers, are pretty damn permanent. I’ve told my kids that if they wait until they’re 30, I’ll take them to get their first tattoo, and I’ll pay for it. I’ll let you know if that works out in my favor, and I’ll let you know how my removal goes.

The amazing artwork above is by Cheyenne Randall. He Photoshops tattoos onto iconic photographs. Here are a few more of my favorites, below.

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  • kelly

    I think about it every now and again. I really like my tattoos but sometimes like the idea of just being a clean slate. Not to start over on new tattoos but just nothing etched on my body.

    I got my first when I was mid 20s on my forearm. I chose to stick with patterns (one is from a wallpaper design and the other is from a plate pattern). Thankfully I thought patterns were the best choice and never ended up getting my dreamy constellation fox tattoo on my rib area. Although I sort of still like that idea :P

  • April | April Everyday

    I’ve wanted tattoos since I can remember, and honestly, I’m so glad that I never got them done. When I was 16 I was adamant that when I turned 18 I would get a tattoo of starts of my wrist. Thank god I never went through with it haha!
    I still really want to get a tattoo, but I want it to have meaning. I’m a crazy cat lady and really want a tattoo of my cat (who we’ve had for 15 years and is practically my child hah), but it still terrifies me and I keep thinking to myself, what if in 10 years I really regret it? So I’ll hold off on it for now :)
    xo April | April Everyday

  • Nancy

    Oh I loved the red heart of your arm. Might still get one ;)

  • Texas Jak

    Thank you for posting these images. I have been looking for the name of the artist everywhere! Just found my early birthday present to me!

  • suzena

    this is really stunning. i am in love of this page.thanks for sharing.

  • Emily @ The Mommyhood Moments

    How was that first removal process? I’ve also heard it hurts, a lot! I got my first tattoo the summer after I turned 18. It’s my ex-fiancés mom’s name with butterflies around it since she passed away earlier that year and we always said we were going to get matching tattoos on our foot when I finally turned 18. On my 18th birthday, I woke up to a text saying she was in bad condition and they didn’t think she was going to make it. Everyone in my family said I would regret it, but she was my “adopted mom” and I loved her dearly. I’m currently 23 and still love my tattoo. It’s a reminder of someone who helped me through some tough times when I didn’t think my own mom knew it all. ;)

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