Cheers to the weekend! It seems like these past few weeks have been filled with a little extra chaos and sadness. But, I’m looking forward to a restful weekend and time at home with my family. To pique your interest and perhaps to add a bit of positivity, here are this week’s ten things…

1. The Madewell Intimates Collection is here! And, guys… it is so good.

2. The perfect list of aspirations to get you through the month of February.

3. New Ace & Jig just landed at Two Son! This jumpsuit is a looker.

4. In New York City this weekend? Join the Kids For Kindness march this Sunday at Washington Square Park.

5. Halloween can’t come soon enough! Did you catch this season 2 trailer at the Super Bowl?

6. A lot of crap happened in 2016. But, here are 10 things that are getting better.

7. Looking to go back to basics with this simple, yet mouthwatering rendition of roasted chicken breasts.

8. Game changer: Glossier released their best-selling Boy Brow in clear. Don’t forget to use this link for 20% off your first order.

9. A new 73 questions by Vogue is out. This time starring Girls’, Lena Dunham.

10. Betsey DeVos is appointed Secretary of Education. What are your thoughts?

Photo above via dream-marauder.


  • bisbee

    I do love the look of the Madewell lingerie. BUT there are women who have boobs – none of those bras would work. It would be nice if they would have offered a few styles suitable for women with larger breasts.

    • Elizabeth

      Could not agree with you more! Maybe we create the brand, since I don’t think any of these companies are too concerned with this issue.

  • Sophie

    I love the aspirations.

  • Lindsey

    I’m a public school teacher, so I am horrified by Betsy DeVos. It’s upsetting to me that I was expected to know way more than she has demonstrated in her Senate confirmation hearing in my interview to get a student teaching position! I wrote my representatives, and I heard back from one saying that she has devoted her life to education. Well, I know a whole school of teachers who truly have devoted long hours, tons of money, blood, sweat, and many tears to education, and we all disagree.

  • Allison

    I am glad you posted the Madewell intimates link, but also really sad because it’s totally backtracking on the progress I’ve made lately with saving money! I just discovered Madewell a few months ago and have been obsessed ever since.

    Cannot WAIT for the new Stranger Things!

    Have a great weekend. :)

  • Bambi

    Great list! I could do without number 10, haha. Yet it is our reality.
    I think I’m most excited for Stranger Things : Season 2 ♡ ♡ ♡

  • fefe

    I don’t like Lena Dunham that much, but I looove the 73 questions series and hers was fun!


  • Mia G

    I agree with above ladies as far as madewell intimates and the like I went over and if you have big breasts as I do you can forget it, if you don’t adhere to traditional beauty standards u can forget it . As far as stranger things I am excited to see where season 2 goes but not as much as I’m excited with all the new Ryan Murphy projects ( horror story attacking the horrid election we had, his new show feud with Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon tackling Joan Crawford and Bette Davis ) as far as Betsy devos our whole current administration of white supremacy nepotism and money outweighing the needs of people sickens me to the core. I am in love with all that is Lena Dunham so I enjoyed her questions very much she is hilarious witty and never afraid to call bullshit.

  • Collie

    JAMES your writing is so beautiful , i am pleased to see your post.

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