39We’ve had our kitty Bijou for over a year now. She’s an F3 Bengal. If you’ve been following this space for a while, or follow along on Instagram, you’ll know that our household is no stranger to animals. In fact, we’re big fans. In addition to Bijou, we also own a miniature pug named Frances Farmer (affectionately known as “Fran” who’s tongue, for whatever reason, is always out) and a pet bunny the kids named Bubble. While I know that pets aren’t for everyone, they’ve really taught our kids a lot about responsibility and compassion, and we couldn’t imagine our lives without them.

Ever since introducing Bijou in particular to the Internet via #bijouthebengal, I’ve received loads of questions, not only because of Bijou’s attractive breed, but also because she behaves a bit differently than other cats. Her grandmother is a Asian leopard. And, while this gives her those beautifully patterned spots, it also gives her an affinity toward trouble-making. This means Bijou requires a bit of special attention. All that said, we recently decided to switch her over to a high-quality pet food by IAMS because she stopped showing interest in her old food—I swear my house is full of picky eaters! We figure that if we’re going to take care of her in the best possible way, what she’s eating should be the first place we start, as her previous food was a bit pricey, and she would not each much of it. To acclimate her to the new diet in a safe way, we started to mix small amounts of IAMS with her existing food. If it’s specific numbers you’re after, we began the process by giving her a ratio of 25 to 75, with 25% of her meal containing the new IAMS Proactive Health Healthy Adult cat food. Over past few days, we’ gradually made our way to 100%. Easy as that! We were precautioned that some challenges might arise in switching Bijou’s diet, but we did not encounter any issues.

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37IAMS is all about helping cats of all shapes and sizes live long, healthy lives. To support their cause, the brand has done extensive research on cats and their eating patterns, and believes that the right diet can provide tons of positive benefits like: soft and shiny skin and coat, healthy digestion, and increased playfulness. We’ve already seen a bit of difference in her personality and are looking forward to seeing visible results after maintaining an IAMS diet. Because at the end of the day, a happy Bijou, means a happy household. We’ll be tracking Bijou’s progress here on Bleu, and via Instagram. But, if you’re interested in learning more about the IAMS brand for cats and their Visible Difference guarantee, visit IAMS.com.


This post is in partnership with IAMS.


  • Sophie

    I love the sweater you’re wearing.

  • heather

    what happened to your white cat?

  • nicole

    I love your blog and I was disappointed to see this. Iams is not a cruelty free food and while they
    have discontinued their contract with Sinclair Research Center, they still conduct lab feeding trials on animals and are NOT a cruelty free pet food. I watched PETA videos from years back and the cruelty that the animals endured was so heartbreaking that I don’t think I would feel comfortable feeding my animals their food even though they say things have changed.

    • karina

      i agree.

    • Jess

      I had the same thought. I NEVER buy Iams products for this very reason.

    • Kristina

      I agree, while I usually like your blog I adore animals more and wanted to comment. IAMS is not a good brand. So disappointing you showcased them in any way. And that you feed your cat this food.

    • Heather M.

      Sorry to pile on here, but I have to agree. IAMS is inexpensive, as you mention and, well, with pet food you tend to get what you pay for in terms of quality. Cheaper pet foods are great in a pinch, but I wouldn’t feed my pet something like this every day. Bijou is adorable and I’m hoping you’ll reconsider your sponsorship.

    • zadi

      Thank you for speaking out Nicole. I absolutely agree.

    • Liv

      I completely agree.

    • Amy

      Totally agree. It’s so disappointing when a favourite blogger chooses to represent a brand without researching them.

    • Sam M.

      I have to agree here, too. Iams is crappy quality food that definitely contributed to the demise of both of my previous dogs. I didn’t know any better how important high quality food is for animals and kibble does not count as high-quality food. Research a species appropriate diet. My two current dogs are so much healthier and vibrant because they eat a high-quality raw diet.

  • Kelsey

    Your cat is goooorgeous! I also went through swapping out my cat’s food two different times. It can be rough if they have minds of their own. Glad you didn’t have any problems!

  • Steph W

    cute bowls!
    where did you scoop them up from?

    thanks xx!

  • angela

    where is your sweater from? i love it!

  • Terri Hetzel

    I feed my cats Iams. I noticed a difference in my cats’ coat. I ❤️ my cats!

  • milkisobel

    Hi, where do found your earrings ? i saw some on a girl in tramway and can’t figure which origin or brand is ! thank you for your answer

  • Jessica Oulton

    I believe pets do teach children valuable lessons, the most important being compassion. On that note I’m disappointed you didn’t rescue a cat but went with a purchased pet. Rescue should be the first option!

  • Melissa

    The photos of you and Bijou are precious. Treasure them always. I just lost my cat after 15 and a half years (and no, he never stopped being a picky eater!).

  • fefe

    I actually had no idea IAMS was a healthy option! I’ve been seeing a ton of advertising about it though, I’ll definitely look into it more. It would be nice to not pay so much for my cat’s food (we feed him a crazy expensive healthy option right now.)

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Amy

      It’s not a healthy option. Please research more before deciding on it.

  • Allison

    Your cat is gorgeous! I have three cats and have been struggling lately with one of them being overweight and putting her on a diet without disrupting the other two too much. So I feel your pain in dealing with cats’ eating habits!

  • Olive

    Here’s a great cat food resource I refer to often. Most of the brands listed are available through online shops, like Chewy and Pet Food Direct.

    There’s a separate list of dry food, with caveats.

  • Vunk

    wow Bijou is beautiful, we have a red and white Scottish fold so the complete opposite of the cat world lol. He doesn’t even know how to act like a cat :) As a fellow cat love we think you would like our Everybody Wants To Be A Cat Aristocats Quote – art print from http://www.vunk.co.uk/art-prints/everybody-wants-to-be-a-cat-aristocats-quote-a4-print.html

  • bri

    Iams definitely isn’t a healthy option. It’s full of meat by products, fillers and is high in carbohydrates. Cats, especially cats so closely related to their 100% meat eating wild ancestors, shouldn’t even eat dry food. It’s like a human existing solely on “fortified” cereal. One would think that if you spent so much money on purchasing a fancy cat breed you’d spend the money to properly feed it as well. A lot of breeders even require you feed cats you purchase from them specific diets, typically homemade or the fancy frozen stuff but at least an additive/gluten free, high protein wet food. P

  • Pysoki

    what are you feeding to your cat? specially your sweater is cute.

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