2017Hello and a very Happy New Year to all of you. As I am sure many of you may share similar sentiments towards 2016 as I do, I welcome this new year, this fresh start, and this time for reflection and growth to inspire me and the year ahead. I have not been one for resolutions for quite some time now, but I am one for realistic goals and intention. This year I have come up with a fun way to challenge myself. A different way to approach personal growth, ideas, and objectives.

There is no fancy name or clever title, it’s just the concept of simple, obtainable challenges for myself that will keep me on the road to personal growth, which is something that I think all of us are always seeking. Each Sunday, I will choose a small goal for the week ahead of me. For this first week of January, I chose to give up alcohol. No wine, no beer, and no liquor for one solid week. Simple. Easy. Obtainable. And, I will feel good after completing it.

That’s it. That’s all she wrote. My goals will vary from week to week, based on what’s going on, my schedule and surroundings, and they can be as simple or as challenging as I choose. I plan on sharing most of them here with you. So far 2017 is looking up, and I like it.

What about you? Do you have any goals, resolutions, or challenges for the year ahead?


  • Mia G

    My goals for the year are to say yes more, try new things , taste caviar, and take a vacay.

  • Ramona

    In November 2015, I gave up alcohol for 90 days. I made it to day 89..I caved when my friend lost her granddaughter. I’m human.

  • Georgia

    Write more letters and send more cards via snail mail. I just wanted people I care about to feel appreciated a bit more, and it seems like a simple, inexpensive way to do it.

  • Mia

    Learn french. Get rid of the stuff that I don’t need. Spend less time online.

    • Marielle

      Allez Mia!! That’s awesome! I am a French teacher and I can tell you from experience that if you commit yourself to it, it’s actually not that difficult. Bonne chance!

      And as far as I am concerned, I want to help more people. In many different ways. I am currently helping my 16 years nephew to go back to school (he dropped out about a year ago). And meet a man I’ll be madly in love with and who’ll be madly in love with me. :)


  • Darlene Lynn

    More travel and 1 new healthy recipe a week!


  • Erin

    This is a great idea. I was just feeling so overwhelmed by the amount of things I want to do this year. Committing to a single week – and then expanding if I so desire – immediately calms my brain. I’m totally doing this. Week 1: Taking the time to do something I enjoy every single day – reading and weaving. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Alexandra Kawiak

    Where is you breast mug from ? I love it !
    Happy 2017

  • Talida

    That’s such a great approach. I love it!
    My year will be split in months of experiments.
    So far in January I’m doing the Whole30 program. February is the month of no yelling. March is for being the best wife in the world. April is daily green smoothie and in May I will be the best mom in the world. Still working in what will come after :)

  • Celena

    Keep a positive mind and healthy body. And also take great care in keeping clean and fresh.

  • Ella

    I love the simplicity of giving yourself weekly goals. As I’ve just started venturing into photography a bit more, I like the concept of a weekly challenge for photos rather than a tedious daily one…give yourself a bit of breathing room ;) Aside from photography, this year I want to focus more on mind & body…or simply put; more vegetarian dishes and yoga :)

  • Tessa Pardo

    Simplify – in all ways! Food, money, activities, home
    And take time for myself

  • Natalie

    Happy new year! Love the idea of setting little weekly goals instead of big yearly ones. I think my main goal for the year is just to care consciously which is less of a goal and more of a guiding principle – let’ssee how it goes!

    - Natalie

  • Casey

    Love this idea! And hello titty mug! I think my goal for the year is to obtain that.


  • Cailin

    I love how simple this is, and I love how I am seeing so many hopeful posts from the community of women I follow online. It feels like we’re trying harder, loving harder, hoping harder than before.

    My goal this year? To be mindful…about what I eat, what I say, what I do. To slow down and think.

    Happy 2017!

  • Abby Cameron

    There is something compelling in the simplicity. It’s attainable. I think I might borrow your idea. I haven’t really set any intentions yet this year. I did choose a word of the year for guidance: Light. Be outside more, meditate more, etc. Trying to let go a bit of conformity. Cheers to the new year!

  • paige

    my concept for the new year is less is more, less stuff, less debt, less fear, less phone…simplify and open those spaces for better things to fill them!


  • Jenny

    Simplify everything! Wardrobe, home, meals…everything. And stay healthy; mentally and physically. Eat as many fruits and veggies as I can everyday, and stay as active as I can. Simplify my thoughts and stay positive.

  • nat@cha

    Happy new year !
    This year I’d like to become more benevolent, enjoying the present and the “less is more”,..
    Readind instead off watching tv, eating healthy food, walking in the nature more often are also in my goals.

  • Tonia


    I decided to brave it a write a blog post on my goals for 2017. Think this will made me more determined to achieve them. Great post by the way.

    Love Toneia http://www.thebeautymisfit.com/2017/01/new-years-resolutions-part-1-goal.html

  • Bites for Foodies

    I start every New Year with affirmations, not resolutions! Resolutions are so unattainable, and only set us up for failure! Being positive is easy and more fulfilling. I’ll be saying these affirmations daily;

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