diningroom_bleubirdWow, it’s been a long time since I have been able to update this space. Life has been busy, needless to say. To all of you have have commented here, on Instagram, and via email, thank you for the kind words and encouragement. I appreciate you so much. Since starting Mother and my store Two Son, my time has been slim and left me with little extra to focus on this blog, which was once my full-time gig. That said, I do love the ability to keep Bleubird as an outlet and a way to share.

So, here’s a little update on things around here. We are still in the house renovating process. We are currently working on our kitchen remodel, which we hope to have completely finished by the end of January. We get all of our new appliances this Friday and I am very excited to start cooking and hosting a little more, now that I’ll be inspired to do so. We purchased a new table (seen above) a few months ago and finally chose seating for it. I love the neutral tones in this space and can’t wait until the entire kitchen and dining room are complete, so I can share.

The kids are all doing well and loving this holiday season. We hosted Thanksgiving again this year at our house, this time for 17! It was crazy, but so much fun. We picked out our tree last weekend and started decorating for Christmas. Aubrey hung lights on the exterior of the house and we finally caved (after 16 years of having kids) and got two very small and tacky lawn ornaments—a little blow up, light up Santa and a snowman. The kids are thrilled!

Plum is just 9 days away from turning 14! It’s so crazy how times flies. The day after her birthday, the big kids are off to Florida to spend Christmas with their Dad. We plan on laying low for the holidays, spending time at home, and enjoying this slower-paced time of year. My Dad might be joining us for a few days, which would be really nice. Fingers crossed!

Two Son is about to turn ONE! We are in the middle of planning a birthday/holiday celebration for the store. Food, drinks, music, and friends. Lots of stuff happening this time of year with parties, birthdays, holidays, and trying to wrap up some end-of-year shoots, so we can enjoy a few, well-deserved days off.

This year was one of the most difficult I’ve experienced in a long time, and for many others, too, it seems. A lot of amazing things came out of it, but I am ready for what 2017 has to offer.

Thanks for hanging in there with me. I will be back here soon, promise!


  • Talida

    A year well lived James…

  • Vicky

    I love your table. I have the same chairs. May I know where you purchased the table from?

  • Kate

    Hello, I have been following your blog for years, I really hope you get time to write more often. The “Mother” blog is awsome, I love it but it’s different from “Bleubird”. Merry Christmas to you and your family from France

  • Kevin Ruel

    Glad to see you are back again! Good luck in 2017 with your business!

  • amanda

    Hey lady, you have to tell us where those chairs are from! Someplace local to Nashville, or online? Love them!

  • Qamar

    The beauty of home resembles with the word of paradise. I want to construct such type of home for my family. Furthermore, the quality and look of chairs are high-end. Your post helps other people to purchase beautiful dining table. Thank you and congrats for your success.
    Regard: Qamar

  • tomy

    nice table and decoration . i like the glasses.

  • Mirna

    May I ask where did you buy your dining table from?
    Thanks you

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