tumblr_nfb8ehn1gn1r8j5kwo2_1280It’s finally cooling off in Nashville. I’m looking forward to a restful weekend cozied up at home. The little ones have their school’s Halloween carnival on Saturday, which is always adorable. Here are this week’s ten things…

1. Congratulations to my Ace&Jig friends on their beautiful spring 2017 video.

2. Vogue endorses Hillary Clinton for president.

3. Watch the Planet Earth II trailer here. It took 10 years to film!

4. Where in the world to eat according to Condé Nast.

5. I bought this f*cking tote.

6. A website for custom neon signs. I need!

8. I love this new magazine for young girls.

9. I’m moving in.

10. I preordered this cookbook months ago, and I am so excited for its arrival.

Photo above by my pal Jimmy Marble.


  • Christine

    No.3 Sigur Ros as the soundtrack. Sounds superb already.

  • Talida

    I’m trying to stay away from politics, but I LOVED the Vogue article.

  • Nicole George

    I love this. That tote is adorable, and I am swooning over that house. Sometimes I just don’t even wonder how one place can be so beautiful. It’s amazing the places that are out there.

    Nicole | http://www.bynicolegeorge.com

  • Erin L Bell


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  • shadymama

    you have such a huge platform here! congrats on that – now, will you use it to encourage people to Get Out the Vote?!?

  • Marianthi || www.breathsndreams.com

    This photo is all the isnpiration I was looking for today!! I LOVE it!! :-) Marianthi, xo

  • Harmony and design

    Me encanta esta sección!

  • Richel V.

    I’m definitely reading that Where In The World to Eat link. Thanks for sharing!

  • mary

    Is this blog dead? You haven’t posted for nearly a month, and it was a ten things post anyways.

  • Fariha

    Planet Earth is the best. I’m amazed by at how the team captures everything with an insanely good eye for detail. My husband and I can’t stop watching it! Thanks for sharing your list. Love going through the links every time :)

    Fariha | http://blog.farihawajid.com

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  • erica

    sending you and your family love. i know it’s been a crappy couple of weeks and hope that you are feeling strong. xo erica

  • nicole

    Where have you gone? missing your blog…

  • Jennifer

    I know you,re busy as all get out but I miss your post. Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season. All your children are adorable, even my favorite age the teens!

  • hannah

    miss seeing your posts! xo

  • Qamar

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