Sorry for the radio silence over here. The past few weeks have been completely crazy with Spring/Summer 2017 buying for Two Son, Plum’s demanding volleyball schedule, along with planning and executing a Mother event with Annie’s Homegrown in New York City this past weekend. It was a whirlwind of a trip that consisted of three to four hours of sleep a night, a lot of hard work, and leaving my cell phone in the cab and frantically rushing around Soho to find its keeper (tip: you can add a “cash reward” for a stolen or lost iPhone, increasing your chances of getting it back. Worked for me!). Through all of the chaos, however, It was a fun experience and I did get to spend the last night, post-event with some of my oldest and dearest best friends, and that was the perfect end to the trip. I flew home early Sunday morning just in time to go to Beyoncé’s show in Nashville. It was incredible! I’ve honestly never considered myself a massive fan before, but I’ve officially been converted. That woman is a power-house!

This week has consisted of trying to play catch up, but all four kids have the week off school for fall break, so my work days have been heavily distracted. That being said, I am happy to be home and looking forward to staying put for awhile. Stay tuned! xxJ

P.S. An internet hug to my friend, designer Ilana Kohn, for these amazing Boyd Pants. I love them!


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