ncsu-peace-protest-6000-1So sad to wake up to yet another tragic shooting in our country. I’m at a loss for words at this point, just hoping we can eventually come to a place of peace. That being said, I hope you all have a relaxing weekend, and here are this week’s ten things…

1. What will make the killings stop?

2. This summer pea salad has my mouth watering.

3. National Geographic’s Best Travel Photos of 2016.

4. This house is a dream.

5. The most beautiful children’s book.

6. Amy Schumer and Anna Wintour swap lives for the day. Watch here.

7. A look at the new Tippet Rise Art Center in Montana.

8. New York City is renaming an intersection ‘Bill Cunningham Corner’.

9. Has anyone been to this hotel in Chicago? I want to go.

10. Summer bucket list – 25 things to do while the heat is on.

Photo above via NCSU.


  • Olivia

    I’ve been to the Freehand! Super great vibes and both the restaurant and cocktail bar inside are A+. I live in Chicago and still go from time to time. Strongly recommend.

  • Kari

    We were just at the Freehand Thursday! A little staycation… Definitely didn’t feel like we were downtown Chicago, which we loved. Great cafe, great cocktails. Next time we’ll take the kids, I think they’d love those bunk rooms!

  • Brittany Horowitz

    I went to the Freehand a little more than a year ago, so they had just opened. It was not a good experience, but maybe they’ve improved. I had so many room issues that they had to move my room three times! From my door not locking (a repairman tried to fix it for more than an hour) to them accidentally sending me to a dirty room that hadn’t been cleaned since the last guest. I am sure they’ve figured things out by now (I hope).

    They were really nice though, and the cafe downstairs is wonderful. Loved having it every morning.


  • Amanda

    I stayed at the Freehand back in April – it was fun but I HATED our first room. It was tiiiiiny tiny tiny and SO LOUD and felt kind of gross. It was also overlooking the parking garage behind the building when I’d specifically requested a room with a view (and called twice to confirm…) and the overnight front desk person had such a serious attitude. Luckily the day person was great and super understanding and switched us to a better room. However, the gals in the coffee shop are absolutely wonderful and make a damn good latte, the Herron textiles are gorgeous, etc. It’s definitely a “cool” spot, as all Roman and Williams designed hotels are, would be really fun with a few friends but not so awesome when you’re looking for quiet. Kind of a you get what you pay for situation…

  • Jenny

    Freehand has a good bar that hosts cool DJ nights!

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