10I have been traveling a lot lately. Between work trips, a family emergency, and some much-needed R&R, it seems like I’ve been on-the-go non-stop. Good news is, the travel anxiety has mellowed out extensively due to the frequent flyer miles I’m racking up and I have become quite the planning and packing pro, too. Before Aubrey and I set off for our Texas trip, we partnered up with Lo & Sons and received three new bags—two travel bags called The Rhodes and The Catalina Deluxe and a purse for myself called The Pearl. The travel bags are incredibly well made, easy to carry, and pack a lot of stuff. We planned on doing quite a bit of shopping on our venture, so these new storage companions became our saving grace, hauling all of our treasures back home with ease.

1 2The Pearl was also great because it’s compact, but holds so much more than most purses its size. With its convertible strap, I was able to throw it over my head and shoulder, crossbody-style and adventure through Austin and Marfa without the feeling of having to lug around my necessities. More facts about the Pearl that I love: The many compartments for your phone, change, boarding pass, lip glosses, and more. It’s also made from buttery-soft leather, which I’m a sucker for.

3 Aubrey received The Rhodes (the black bag pictured above), which we ended up checking on our return flight home. He packed that baby full of clothes and books and everything else he could stuff inside. It’s super durable with lots of storage and pockets inside and out. It also shares the same name with our son, which is a bonus in our books!

4 5The Catalina Deluxe is my personal favorite. I used it throughout the trip and since returning, continue to use it all the time. It’s the smaller version of the bag, but it’s large enough to fit a week’s worth of clothes and also strangely lightweight. The strap is thick and has a should pad for extra comfort and I think it distributes weight really well. Plus it’s small enough to use as a carryon when flying and fits perfectly under the seat. I will forever use it when I travel and while at home to haul stuff for work and kids. It also has a bottom compartment for shoes and other items that you can separate from the rest of your stuff, which comes in handy.

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This post is in partnership with Lo & Sons.


  • Lauren

    I have the Pearl and it is hands down the best purse I have ever owned in my life.

  • Victoria

    What a brilliant bag! Thanks for sharing, James!

  • Joana

    I own the Pearl myself in both the Saffiano and normal leather and have to say it’s a terrific bag. It’s never failed to tote everything I need while still looking stylish and not bulky. And trust me living in NYC you need all the space you can get – even in a bag!

  • Kiran

    I love Pearl, it looks stunning x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  • M

    That weekender is great! Can I ask which wallet you have. I am on the hunt for a new one.
    Thank you! x

  • Christelle

    they sound perfect

  • Kriste

    Hello! Is that the Catelina deluxe large or small?

  • Samantha

    I’ve had the Catalina for about 6 months and it is awesome. Very durable, spacious and I love the separate compartment for shoes, or whatever you need.

  • Michelle

    Great post! I have a weekend away coming up (the first in a long time) so I am loving posts on “the right bag”. One thing I have long admired is your cosmetics bag – did you pick it up anywhere in particular? It looks the perfect size to slip in your bag wherever you go :)

  • RJ

    Can I ask what airline you flew that the Catalina Deluxe small fit under the seat? When I emailed L&S they were unable to definitive advise whether I would be able to carry-on the bag.

    • Wendy

      Curious about the answer on this…. can the small be carried on as a personal item?? i.e., does it fit under the seat and will the airline give you any problems?

      • Ellie

        Also curious to know if it fits under the seat as a personal item…..

  • Black Orquid Jewelry

    I have a boyfriend and we run two small business and sometimes it feels like we don’t see each other although we are in the same room…. we need a vacay.

  • Evelin Hernandez

    I want to know if airlines alows the catalina deluxe small as a personal item that can go under the seats. Thank you for your answer.

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