4s 2sSpeaking of feeling good, I’ve been really into learning more about superfoods, supplements, and my health lately. Perhaps somewhat of a freak-out about my upcoming birthday, but I’ll take it. I remember my mother going through a similar 180 when it came to our health when I was little. All of the sudden I was eating tofu hotdogs with whole-wheat buns that were full of nuts and oats. I mourned my Oscar Mayer and eventually got semi-used to the taste, but I also learned quickly to take advantage of being at a friend’s or my grandparents’ house and ate as much of the good stuff, while I had the chance. Now that I am a grown-up, I can appreciate my mom’s efforts in this area. I definitely try to get my kids (and husband) on-board the healthy eating train with me, when possible, but I don’t force them, especially since I live with quite a few picky eaters and the battle is just not worth it. When they are open to trying something I make that is healthy and they like it, I just sit back and smile silently—a win!

I like to start my mornings off with a good smoothie, tea, or coffee with a little extra love from Sun Potion and Moon Juice. I also try to have a tea before bed to help unwind and calm my body. These herbs and powders have various health benefits, antioxidants, vitamins, and healing properties that can aid in so many things naturally and organically like battling fatigue, anti-stress, immune system support, beauty nourishment, blood building, anxiety relief, etc. Some of my favorites include: He Shou WuAshwagandha, Maca, Bee Pollen, and Pine Pollen. I have noticed a positive change in energy and how I am feeling day to day. Plus, it’s been fun experimenting with new potions and recipes.

Do you use herbs & superfoods? I would love to hear about your experience, favorite recipes, and tonics if you’d care to share.

Footnote: I am not affiliated with either Moonjuice or Sun Potion, but because I am a frequent customer, you and I can both receive 20% off Moonjuice purchases using this link. Not too shabby!


  • Phillipa

    Oh my god “health” is totally my midlife crisis!! I’m 36 with two kids and sort of feel I’m allowed another max 10 years (if that honestly) to be “hot” before that turns into “looking good for your age”. Plus not wanting to die of cancer so I am here for my kids for as long as poss! Honestly it’s such a midlife crisis!! I even take sea buckthorn oil (amazing for dry eyes). But hey it’s a good one right?? And perhaps needed if teens and 20s were messy as they were in my case. So am totally loving this new series James and keen to read more – ️️also glad for the balance you are showing / not up for giving up anything – all in moderation, nothing too processed etc but it’s v v good for the soul to have cheeseburgers! X

  • Katelin Majeski

    Ah! I love a good superfood<3 I'm wondering- do you know if any of these are okay during breastfeeding?? Obviously I need to boost my (our) systems now more than ever! Any insight would be great! :)

    • James Kicinski-McCoy

      Hi Katelin! I don’t know. I would ask your care provider to make sure.

    • Ruta

      Some of them are ok, some of them are not, sometimes it’s written on a package and sometimes I find information about it online.

  • melynmarie

    Ashwagandha. yes. All women should consume this amazing plant. I order a large quantiity in powder / bulk. I find this to be the most affordable way. I use a bit of Ashwaganda powder along with Spirilina powder (so many benefits, Best way to get nutrients in kiddos, spirilina protein bars!) in my daily protein shake, which is a plant based protein, usually mixed with frozen organic blueberries. However, I am very interested to learn more about this Mushroom Protein. And pine pollen! Perhaps this is just what I have been looking for. As a nursing mother, I am in great need for such a supplement. I am always researching and seeking out new. Our current trend is making our own sombucha and sauerkraut, homemade probiotic love. Thank you for word on healthy goods. Have you tried any cleanses or fasts you have enjoyed, with noticeable outcomes? I am always interest to hear about those as well. FYI, you look fabulous. Wait till 40 hits. Gah, happens so fast. You are on a beautiful path and will always have youth on your side. Age is simply a number, though being healthy as it comes is everything. One last love I must share, Epson salts. Add a bit of Coconut oil and a few drops of essential oils, your spirit will love you for it. Have a wonderful day.

  • Taylor K

    Ahh I love everything Moon Juice. Body Dust is my favorite thing to have in the morning… it’s great added in warm almond milk with turmeric and coconut oil. Yum!

    I also just started taking “Natural Calm” before bed and in the morning and it makes me feel amazing. Keeps my anxiety in check, gives me energy, and it’s really affordable. Link is below if you’re interested :)


    • Anna

      Yes! Our family loves Calm. It serves the same as Epsom salts providing magnesium so no need to do both.

  • Adrienne

    I regularly take a multi, evening prim rose oil (especially for PMS), a probiotic and B-6. I almost always take Natural Calm before bed. It’s magnesium which helps with regularity, anxiety, and muscle pain.

    Then I supplement vitamin C and other things depending on my needs, i.e. sickness, specific problems.

    I take those multi-vitamin gummies. I’ve been wondering how effective they are. I used to take a liquid multi called Body Balance. I loved it. It’s rather expensive though. That is the one thing that frustrates me about being healthy. It now seems reserved for the wealthy. It’s insane that fresh produce, vitamins and supplements are more expensive than a Big Mac and Twinkies.

    P.S. I love those victory moments when my kids gobble up veggies then ask for more! :D

  • Rebecca

    I was introduced to Sun Potion thanks to your Vanity Project with Kerrilynn Pamer. I started with the Reishi and have since built my own little collection..the He Shou Wu is next on my list! Definitely going to take advantage of the 20% from Moonjuice…I have tried a couple of the dusts and am intrigued by the protein powders. Thanks for offering that, always love discovering such good things here!

  • Amy Gerber

    Do you take all of these every day? Could you detail how, how much, how often and when you take which?

  • Elaine

    I have been taking a turmeric supplement since the New year and the one major change I have noticed is that I no longer have dry skin on my feet. Summers have always been a mad ritual of sloughing off hard skin and moisturising but not this year – my feet are as smooth and crack free as they have ever been and the only change I can attribute this to is the turmeric..

  • Alison

    I try things on and off and never really see a difference. But one thing I’ve seen noticeable results with is Solgar’s Curcumin. It’s a water soluble formula of turmeric. It helps me with general achiness, arthritis, energy and brain fog. I forgot to take it for a while and really noticed the difference.

    • Alison

      I tried the ashawgandha and love it! Amazon seems to be out of a lot of Sun Potion stuff following this post! I think your readers are checking it out.

  • mandi

    Love this! I’m an herbalist and use all sorts of herbs daily. I haven’t heard of the moon co. I’m checking them out for sure!

  • Ricky

    I like this because I have been thinking about herbs a lot recently. My fiancée was recently diagnosed with G.E.R.D. and, when you try to avoid medicine and treat the disorder by changing your diet, you have to cut a lot of spices out of your diet. She can no longer eat citrus, garlic, onion, acidic or fatty foods, have caffeine, or eat anything spicey. I have been looking for herbs to incorporate into our cooking to help develop flavor in the absence of these other ingredients. I know that what you’ve listed here are herbal things to promote health and to help calm you before bed, etc., but she and I have been following your blog for long enough that I think you would be a good place to turn for some suggestions.

    In relation to this post, though, I am thinking the calming tea would be the most beneficial item for her. She can’t have anything minty, so I hope it isn’t, but I think a calming tea could be good. With the big lifestyle changes we have had to make lately… Nerves and stress have been a bigger deal than usual.


  • Jen

    So glad to see you write about these you have been trying. I just bought a bunch from sun potion and looking forward to experimenting. Have you found any good resources for daily routines and recipes for them? Just trying to figure out where to start. xx


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