I’ve wanted an outdoor shower for as long as I can remember. There’s just something so refreshing and au naturel about bathing outside, and as many of you know, Nashville can be unbearably hot and humid in the summer. While we do not currently have a pool (much to the kids’ dismay), we do spend most of our weekends outdoors, so I know it would get good use. I am hoping to incorporate a small shower as a part of our home addition, after we finish tackling the interior and make all of my shower dreams come true. Here are some inspiring examples…


outdoorshower4Photos courtesy of: Outside Online, Contemporist, StyleCarrot, HGTV, Huffpost Home, Breathe Architecture, Eskayel, and Mother.


  • Andrea Handojo

    Wow these showers look amazing! I have never taken a shower outside before, but taking a shower in one of these seems like a dream!


  • michelle

    we have one…it’s the best!!!

  • Casey

    Ooooh, I agree! There’s nothing quite like an outdoor shower. Do it! Do it!

  • Hannah @ The Homesteady

    I love outdoor showers! We had one next to the pool growing up. My parents got rid of the pool, but kept the shower :) It has flowers growing all over it in the summer, creating almost a living green roof. 100% dreamy.

  • nicole b.

    Yes, I loved showering outside of our little Airstream trailer at El Cosmico last fall. So liberating! :)

  • Ami

    oh my gosh…. we went away camping last weekend and stayed in a beautiful tipi and on the site they had these amazing old outdoor bathtub/showers… we made up our minds then and there that when we get our own place we’re definitely having one! Such a lovely feeling!!


  • Andrea

    What a lovely idea! It was unbearably hot and humid in NYC today and I would have loved just the thought of an outdoor shower after my long scamper across Manhattan.

  • eleni

    we do have a pool but i have yet to come up with a cool design for an outdoor shower so cheers for this piece of inspiration.

  • Steven M. Ruano

    The showers looks amazing, thanks for sharing…. :)

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