This Date-Night-In involves making homemade pasta, opening up a bottle of your favorite vino, and enjoying a mellow night right at home, eating by candlelight. I recently purchased a hand-crank pasta machine, and love the process of making it from scratch. It’s a lot easier than you’d think, but definitely requires two people. So, grab your special someone, pick out your go-to sauce (I prefer pesto with fresh grape tomatoes), and enjoy a fun and delicious Italian dinner.

What to do and wear in no particular order… Dust-off your pasta maker (you can always hand-roll and cut your pasta if you don’t have one) and take a quick trip to the grocery store to buy any missing ingredients for your dough and sauce. Throw on your favorite summer dress and sandals, and add a little glow around your eyes with a dewey face highlighter and pull your hair back with a beautiful barrette. Uncork a bottle of red wine, light a candle, listen to a summer playlist on a portable speaker, and then get down to business. Bon Appétit!

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  • Adrienne

    Great idea! The kids are gone this weekend so I may use this! That face highlighter looks amazing.

  • Len

    I love these!

  • Jo

    Love the date night in series! Inspires me to remember to include letting myself look great as part of the nights activities.

  • Ricky

    I really like this idea. Sarah & I have been doing a lot of at home date nights as we save for our wedding. I would really like for us to be able to make pasta together because it would be a new skill for us to learn, it would be a nice activity, and we would be able to have homemade pasta whenever we want. I’m going to have to put that on the bucket list for after the wedding though- those damned kitchen aid extras are a little pricey when you’re trying to save every dime you have.

    Nice post!

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