Jane FONDA beim Aerobic WorkoutDo you eat well? Do you exercise regularly? Do you feel good? Would you consider yourself a healthy person?

If there is one thing that I am trying to focus more on these days, especially now that the big three seven is quickly approaching, it’s my health. Getting fit and feeling good have become more of a priority of mine with age. Clean eating, staying active, spending more time outdoors, taking vitamins and supplements, drinking more water, getting good sleep, and working less are all different ways that I have been trying to take better care of myself. While these are no easy feat to conquer all at once, I’m focusing on them a little more each day with a goal of a lifestyle change, rather than a strict regimen or fad that in my past experience ends in failure.

That said, I won’t completely deprive myself of the indulgences that make life fun. I will absolutely sink my teeth into that big cheeseburger and I will share a pitcher of margaritas or bottle of wine with my girlfriends, here and there. It’s really about balance and moderation. I try to practice clean eating during the week by paying attention to what I am putting in my body with lots of fresh, nutritious food and little-to-no gluten, sugar, dairy, or alcohol. I try to save my splurging for the weekends and special occasions, which generally works well for me.

I am happy with my weight, but I do want to gain strength and tone my arms, core, and legs and just overall feel better both internally and externally. I’ve struggled with things like anxiety, restlessness, and high stress levels over the past couple of years and know that focusing on wellness will help with all of them. When I’m active, I notice a big change. I feel calmer, more energized, more productive, and happier.

With wellness becoming a more relevant part of my life and interests, I figured I would share a sliver here with you from time to time. xxJ


  • Isabel Barreto

    Absolutely! Please share your journey

  • Dani

    Thank you for your openness with anxiety. I’ve had nervous stomach since I was in the womb and living in a big city has only heightened my sensitivities over the years, but getting out in NATURE is my medicine. Can’t wait to read more about your discoveries & journey! Much love. Xx -D.

  • Lizard Skins

    I’ve been listening to Ted talks like a serious addict on my way to work each morning. Most of what I have taken away from talks focused on overall self improvement (goal setting, business, physical health, or mental state) seem to really maintain the idea that lifestyle changes are most successful. This is hard for me to deal with because I tend to think very black and white in most every aspect. I’m a clean freak or a slob, I don’t eat or over indulge, I stay up until 3 reading or I’m in bed at 9. The list goes on. Learning to accept imperfection for what it is and having the ability to forgive ourselves and continue trying are hard lessons to learn. But they are ultimately what makes us good people for our own sanity and our affect on one another. What has helped me the most is setting small, very achievable goals. Then I don’t feel defeated when I don’t accomplish something and just give up altogether. i wish you the very best of luck and may we all continue to strive for our own personal improvements. Because we are all imperfect. But those things are often what makes us most interesting.

    Also, we NEED another post on what you’re listening to.

  • Brittany

    Thanks for sharing and keep up the posts about your wellness journey! As a mom of three young kiddos it’s hard to stay healthy and eat clean but you’re right that getting active daily, eating well, and getting sleep make such a difference in our well being :) Happy to follow along with you!

  • Christelle

    I think you’re right to focus on your health. You seem to have a great program. I’m 40 in October and guess I need to follow the same way!

  • Tonya

    kundalini yoga! you will love yourself for it. just start with a video on youtube and you will be sold.This is my favorite one:

  • Meghan Ulloa

    As a mom and business owner I’m finding the biggest struggle is how to allocate my time. My daughter, my husband, my parents (and family), my business and my clients all need time and energy.. and of course, there is myself. The simple ritual of self-care is vitally important and often over looked. We all have busy lives. It’s interesting though, to your point, how a movement practice, a meditation, or prayer can greatly effect your feelings of well-being. You may feel energized, relaxed or just gain clarity. If you don’t have an hour, fifteens minutes of self-care can do wonders. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on wellness! (Also I love the Deepok Chopra guided meditation: The Soul of Healing) xo

  • Keshia White

    This is great! I’ve been trying to do some of the same things for myself too! Like you said. It’s hard to do it all at once, but with little steps, eventually it all will come together and the results will show. Thanks for sharing!


  • Shannon Waisath

    YES! It’s all about how you FEEEL. Leading an 80/20 lifestyle is the best for me. I also try to follow an intuitive eating rather than planned snacks and what not.

  • jenn

    yoga! Its changed my life and body over the past 5 months. Toned arms, nice toned thighs and calves and my abs are getting stronger (after having two kids). I practice 3x a week and its definitely helped me with anxiety too..

    would love to know what type of vitamins you take?

  • Teffy Perk

    Yes! As a wellness and food blogger, I love seeing other bloggers take an interest as well – and I 100% agree, there should always be room to enjoy yourself and have that cocktail you really love. It’s all about finding what works for you, and it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

    I love food, and luckily that love also includes things like dates and avocado, but it does mean I also love fries and pizza, just not every day. Would be interesting to see your take on it, especially with having 4 children and eating as a family – I remember a few posts back you said Aubrey wasn’t the most experimental eater!

    Teffy | Sprinkle of Green X

  • Heather

    Amen mama. Balance is the key to everything. Insert arm flex emoji here.

  • Corina

    I am on the same road and I love to learn more every now and then! :-)

  • Kaitlen

    Would LOVE to hear more about what’s got you Benjamin Buttoning ;)

  • Dominique

    Love this! It is so important to be healthy, especially mentally healthy. They rely on each other so much! Ive been fighting postpartum depression for a long time now and when I am low I don’t want to do anything, but sometimes I have to push through that feeling to get the reward of the endorphins I receive after moving a little. This was a very motivating post for me. Thank you!

  • Yasamin

    Hey lady,
    I’m with you all the way, and I too am turning 37, on August 30th. I still feel 17, but that’s another story. I heard someone on the Tim Ferriss podcast, which I am beyond obsessed with, say that the book they give away the most is ‘How To Stop Worrying and Start Living’ by Dale Carnegie. It was first published in the 40′s, but I will tell you it is relevant for today. It is full of stories of how others overcame anxiety, worry (today’s stress), and Carnegie has such a funny, easy charm to his writing that I so appreciate. Highly recommend it. I’ve already purchased 3 more for a dear friend, my mom and sister. You will not regret this investment!

    P.s. I’ve given up alcohol, weed and extracurricular sweets for the past month and as a healthy eating long time vegan who swears by barre 3 (there is one in Nashville!!!), these 2 simple lifestyle switches (really meant more for the summer and more as an exercise in willpower) prove that as a joyful person I really don’t need any enhancement to feel great. It’s been fun.

  • Yasamin

    P.p.s. Jane Fonda went to my boarding school, Emma Willard in upstate, NY. I met her once… She was mischievous and awesome.

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  • Samuel

    Abselutely I feel great and I do share your points of view!

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