favorite_books_BLEUBIRDAs many of you know, we like books around here and I am an avid reader. There are countless stacks around our home and I swear I add a few to my Amazon cart almost every day. Cookbooks, coffee table books, novels, poetry, books on parenting, betterment, wellness—the list goes on. Here are a few of my most recent additions…

1. The Way to Start a Day 

2. Henri Matisse: The Cut-Out 

3. Tantra Song 

4. The Girls: A Novel

5. In Watermelon Sugar the Deeds Were Done and Done Again as My Life is Done in Watermelon Sugar  

6. A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius 

7. Heads and Straights  

8. Chinati: The Vision of Donald Judd  

9. Remember, Be Here Now

10. My New Roots: Inspired Plant-Based Recipes for Every Season 

11. Amanda Charchian: Pheromone Hotbox

12. It’s All Easy  

13. Les coquins 

14. The Zuni Cafe Cookbook 

Have any good book recommendations to share?


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