So, today is Birdie’s graduation!!! Her school recommended she skip kindergarten and go directly into first grade, so that’s what she’s doing—smart cookie, that one! I am looking forward to a relaxing a little bit this weekend at home with my family after a long and crazy work week. Hope you all have a great, sun-filled weekend. Here are this week’s ten things…

1. A list of brilliant things to do in May.

2. I just bought this beautiful new vegetarian cookbook.

3. Everything to know about Chanel’s show in Cuba.

4. This video is sure to make you smile.

5. Learn to make this smoke-filled ice cube for your next cocktail.

6. A beautiful look at sun-drenched beaches viewed from above.

7. These street photos taken in the 70s are so cool.

8. Has anyone seen the Robert Mapplethorpe documentary?

9. Glossier’s new Balm Dotcom Trio!

10. Check out the pictures from Mother’s second anniversary bash.

Photo above via In Your Dreams.


  • Rena

    Congratulatoins to Birdie! And I love especially the cool pictures from #7 :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  • bex

    yes to #8. and for me to say that it was anything less than mind-blowing(ly) great would be the grossest of understatements i could ever possibly make.

  • Georgia

    I adore your dress from the Mother Mag anniversary party- where’s it from?

  • Sierra

    The dress you wore to the anniversary celebration is phenomenal, would love to know who makes it!

  • ellie

    go Birdie!! Is she not homeschooling anymore?

  • Maryanne


  • Jesse

    Your dress is so beautiful. Pricey, but beautiful.

  • Camila Coleto

    Hey James! I’m from Brazil and I follow you since forever lol
    We love you and your beautiful family!
    Send kisses to Brazil, please.


  • Otandet

    I saw and loved that documentary. Right now HBO also has a Gloria Steinem and a Gloria Vanderbilt documentary that are both also equally wonderful to see. Such interesting lives. The GV documentary was made by her son, Anderson Cooper so there’s like double reasons to see it (silver fox).

  • Emily

    Congrats to Birdie! That cookbook looks awesome. You should check out The Vegetable Butcher by Cara Mangini too. So many brilliant veggie tips and recipes!

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