One of the spaces that is top priority in our upcoming renovation is our kitchen. While ours is bright, white, has great space and is full of quality appliances, it’s outdated, the fridge leaks, the hardwoods are warped, the stove top burners aren’t reliable, and it could just use some upgrades overall. Our kitchen has a connected eat-in dining room, much like this kitchen in the photos above and below, which we also want to upgrade a bit.

My biggest struggle with our redesign/remodel, besides maintaining a budget, is that I want to make sure that the house is open, clean, and minimal with plenty of storage and without being too trendy—example: subway tile. While I do like it, it’s everywhere and a little overdone, in my opinion. I don’t want my home/kitchen to feel like every coffee shop in town, so I’m looking to find unique, yet simple, classic design elements that I will love for years to come.

The spaces above have the most beautiful flooring, the stainless appliances are a dream, and of course, I am a huge fan of the white-washed walls and cabinets. Here are some more kitchen/dining spaces that have aspects that I love…

Kitchens1 kitchens2 Kitchens3 Kitches4 Kitchens5 Kitchens6 Kitchens7

Photo sources: Elizabeth Roberts, Home My DesignCurate and DisplayRemodelista, A Well Traveled Woman, and My Domaine.


  • AH

    Hot tip, work with Jersey Ice Cream Company. They do the most amazing, unique interiors and I’ve spent hours swooning at their kitchen designs!

  • han

    I love kitchens with wooden floors!

    Hannah | Oh January

  • Michelle

    Oooo, I love white and minimal. I love old world european kitchens. white stucco, brick, wooden elements.

  • Cynthia

    Clean white paint and unpainted natural materials (wood, brick) are my favorite way to go. Also, easy to clean surfaces are better than surfaces that hide dirt, in my opinion. The kitchen, out of all of the rooms in the house, should be clean.
    Likely By Sea

  • melynmarie

    I hear ya on the whole subway tiles. Enough already. However, the cement counter tops, all beautiful. raw. simple. perfect. I will be excited to see your outcome.

  • Sam Curtis

    Amen to the Subway tile. I swear it wasn’t hot in the first place? I love the raw scandinavian ply feel, much more homely.

  • April | April Everyday

    I’ve been dreaming about redoing our kitchen since before we moved in here over 4 years ago! Our sink leaks into our bottom cupboard which is slowly rotting away, the top cupboards are that small we can barely fit anything in them. So I’m currently drooling over all of these kitchens for inspiration for our remodel! It’s so exciting, but stressful trying to choose all the details!
    I can’t wait to see what you come up with!
    xo April | April Everyday

  • tan

    Wishing you good luck with the renovation, sounds like fun and.. a lot of work! It is inspiring to see that in the US the subwaytile is so hot. In Europe we often don’t use any tiles in our kitchen and bathroom these days as it looks so overdone.
    The concrete example is everywhere, although I love is almost cliche over here. Funny to see that in a world where everyone copies anyone, there are still differences..Relief!

  • Ella

    We’re currently renovating our kitchen too. A space much smaller than yours, which also unfortunately doesn’t get a lot of light. I’m a fan of dark woods, but it doesn’t work in our kitchen, so I’m finding myself for the first time ever, loving the look of white cabinets. I’ll be interested to see what you come up with for your design. All the best with the budget (it’s hard)!

  • Elaine

    A lot of similar images to my “kitchen” pinterest board! We have almost finished our kitchen refit – it has taken us a while to decide on a design and to “source” items that I hope will be “classics” and not fads, but within budget. I am delighted with my silestone “marble” effect countertop – looks like marble but without the stress. Also, in love with our brass sink and tap – worth the spurge. The biggest game changer is the floating wall of different sized wall cupboards with flush handleless doors – never underestimate what a game changer storage is! I feel so happy and calm when I come downstairs for breakfast and see my tidy new kitchen! (Sorry for the tome! I am a convert to my new induction hob too!)

  • Silvanie

    You would love this kitchen that I photographed. She and her husband did all of the work. Open and functional.

  • si

    check our fireclay tile!!

    I’m using one of the more unique patterns for in front of our fireplace. Kind of pricey but beautiful.

  • Jesse

    We just bought a house a few months ago and we have many plans. Will be following along.

  • Mia

    James, check out @maraserene on instagram, gorgeous space they have renovated, full of light, white timber beams and a gorgeous kitchen, understated, using natural timbers, and beautifully styled ! Their renovations are tagged as #ourtopangahome, I promise you will be inspired <3

  • Andrea

    I think it’s a little broad to say that the subway tile is overdone but not white-washed walls and the ply cupboards?

  • Jessica Holden

    I Love the brand you have created on Instagram, can you check out the looks I’ve pulled together in my Modern Children’s Clothing Store? Would love to hear your opinions!

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