Every year, I throw out my old underwear and buy a whole new set. I’ve always believed that underclothes are just as important as regular clothes. Buying new underwear is a great way to treat yourself and boost your self-confidence. Trust me, even if no one else sees it, you’ll still feel good! Plus, a little self-love goes a long way, so why not start with your underwear drawer, right?

I’ve pulled together a few of my favorite brands below…





From top to bottom: Pansy, Land of WomenBase RangeOnly HeartsMade By Noemi, and The Nude Label.


  • Sanda

    Totally agree. I am such a huge fan of Nude label ..will check other suggestions

  • Stephanie

    I think you should take a look at a Belgian brand called la fille d’o ( I think it’s definitely your taste. It’s a brand that’s founded by Murielle Scherre, a very inspirational woman. She designes underwear for every bodytype and takes pictures of her clients when they find the perfect piece of underwear for them. (just a hint)

  • Melissa

    Love this idea! Those brands look great as well.

  • Lauren

    love the things you post. do not love the prices. maybe i”ll return when i can afford a $100 pair of undies. this blog just is not intended for the young college student!

    • Alison

      I think some of the reason for the cost is the materials and labor is ethically compensated. But I agree, I can’t afford these either. Recently I ordered some stuff from Pact. Its a more affordable option. And it seems like they have percent off sales a lot.

    • Amber

      I agree! The Pansy colors are so dreamy, but $90 for a set of granny panties? Apologies, but how is that sustainable?

  • Made by Noemi

    Thank you for the share! <3

    All the best,

  • Jenna

    Oh I love these. Great picks for sure.


  • George Perez

    I love this! Those brands look great!

  • Christina

    Definitely agree with you! Especially with bras, it’s so important to mix things up, both for support and to enjoy your underwear, the same way you enjoy the rest of your clothes.

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