It’s no secret that I am a big music fan. Over the years, Aubrey and I have collected hundreds of records, so there’s no shortage of good tunes in this house. We listen to everything under the sun from rock n’ roll oldies to hip-hop and even a few country artists from time to time. I thought it would be fun to snap a few photos of the records that I’ve been listening to over the past week, at least when I remembered to do so. A few of these albums hold some pretty pivotal memories from childhood onward, and I wanted to start sharing them here from time to time. Enjoy! x

1Buckingham Nicks, Buckingham NicksEvery song on this record is pure magic and reminds me of when I was a little girl. It’s a favorite and one that spins often.


Cat Power, The CoversWe love to play this album on Saturday mornings while making breakfast and lounging around the house. Chan Marshall’s voice is gold.

4The War on Drugs, Lost in the DreamThis record was spinning all last summer and I still love it. The whole album is good, but I am especially fond of “Red Eyes” and “Under the Pressure” because they have such a great ’80s sounds.

3Sam Cooke, The Legendary Sam Cooke. Not only is Sam Cooke a massive part of mine and Aubrey’s relationship (“That’s Where It’s At” is our jam), but my kids love him almost as much as we do. Birdie and Sailor know the words to most of his songs and as soon as he comes on they start dancing. It’s safe to say that this one is a family favorite and spins most weekends.

6Radiohead, The King of LimbsThis is by far my favorite Radiohead album, and I’m in love with both “Lotus Flower” and “Codex”. When my best friend Elise had her second baby, her husband treated the two of us (lucky me!) to dinner and Radiohead tickets for her push-gift, while our husbands took care of all the kids. It was such a fun night and hands down, the best show I’ve ever seen!

7Charles Bradley, Victim of Love. Charles Bradley represents all that is old soul music. This album is incredible, and Aubrey got the chance to hang out with him in New York City a couple of years ago and watch him perform in a tiny Brooklyn club. I definitely recommend giving him a listen if you haven’t already.

8Bob Dylan, Blood on the Tracks. This album is a masterpieceThe song “Tangled Up In Blue” reminds me of my mom every time I listen to it.

5Hot Chip, In Our HeadsThis is such a fun record! “Motion Sickness” (the first song on the album) always perks me up. It’s a great cleaning day record!

9Big Star, #1 Record. “Thirteen” is one of my favorite songs of all time.

What are some of your favorite records?


  • Melissa

    Love this post! I collect records myself and always love to hear other’s favorites. I’d love to hear about your player type and set up too!

  • Kaitlen

    Whoooaaaa. You should post these on the reg! Love the style and diversity of tunes. And thank you for the Big Star and Hot Chip education–obsessed.

  • Chloe | Conscious by Chloe

    OK, I just added them all to my Spotify Playlist.
    I always forget how much I love Cat Power. Thanks for the reminder!

    - Chloe

  • alexandra

    love this! music plays a big part in my relationship with my fiance. Big Star, #1 Record is also one of our favorites….when we first got together we connected over our love for Big Star and after our 2nd date, he surprised me with the record. it is one of my favorite possessions. lately we’ve been playing Night Falls Over Kortedala by Jens Lekman, This Is Hardcore by Pulp and Some Stay by Sacred Spirits (a wonderful local Cincinnati band).

  • V

    Buckingham Nicks might be my favorite record of all time. Nice to see it mentioned!

  • seri

    love this!

  • Ashlee

    Bob Dylan is my absolute favorite!


  • Erin

    My two favourite records I own are A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out by Panic! At The Disco and I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It by The 1975. The 1975 only came out in February but I’ve played it more than any other record that I own. :)

    Erin | beingerin.com

  • melynmarie

    Oh how this post signs to my heart. I love to peek through others vinyl collections. Mine is quite a mix of just about everything from classical to acid jazz, from soul to indie, along with an insane love for soundtracks as well. Though I must say, a few of my favorites through and through are: Neutral Milk Hotel’s, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. New Order’s, Movement. Miles Davis’s, Kinda Blue. Patti Smith’s, Horses. The Even’s, Get Evens. Townes Van Zandt’s, For the Sake of the Song. Any & All Leonard Cohen as well as Simon Joyner (who just came out with a book of lyrics, good man he is, check it). As far as soundtracks are concerned, besides all of Wes Anderson films, Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot singing Bonnie and Clyde is wonderful. Woody Allen’s, Manhattan. Amelie & Il Postino are quite lovely. An all time favorite, 1966 French film, A Man and a Woman (Un Homme et une Femme). My four year old has gone from Mary Poppins to Singing in the Rain, from The Wiz to An American in Paris. I have been know to hide albums from him. One can only listen to We are the Champions by Queen so many times before feeling a bit nuts. As of late, Star Wars has made quite the play. Though his most favorite of all time is Micheal Jackson’s, Off the Wall. thank goodness.

  • michelle

    Hot Chip is the bomb! Saw them in Boston last Spring…so fun!

  • Dreams Studio Bali

    Great selection!!! Listening everything under the sun is my choice as well:)
    And it’s so great to listen music on the record player,….<3
    We've been listening a lots of Gus Gus and Blonde Redhead latley,..

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