The past few weeks have been crazy. So much travel, so many meetings, and so much work that I’ve literally had zero free time—and no time to update this space. Today I decided to pick up my camera and started snapping photos. The little kids have been home from school part of this week due to a Montessori teacher conference, so the house has been loud and messy and chaotic, and I kind of love it. Here are some photos from today…

1. Vintage top and net bag I bought while in L.A. last week.
2. A tiny unknown plant I smuggled home from California. Any idea of what this cute guy is called?
3. Frances aka the best dog in the whole wide world.
4. My babies.
5. Kitchen counter situation.
6. Coffee table top loaded with some of my favorite things.
7. Market tote.
8. Birdie and her popcorn addiction.
9. I only started wearing hats over the past couple of years because I didn’t think I was a “hat person.” Now I can’t get enough of them.
10. Pottery love! I am finally signing up for a class with a friend and cannot wait.
11. No. 6.
12. New towels.
13. Shelfie.
14. Some treasured treasures.


  • nicole

    what vintage shop in la? i love the bag.xx

  • Heidi

    Where is the carved wooden figure from? It has a beautiful form.

  • Melanie

    What lovely photos! That’s awesome you got to spend some time with your girls after all the trips! =) I hope you have a great weekend catching up!

  • April | April Everyday

    I’m loving all the pottery that you have in your house! And that huge rug too! Have a great weekend!
    xo April | April Everyday

  • Soizic

    Très belle série de photos. J’aime beaucoup tes chapeaux et ta petite puce qui mange des popcorn sur le tapis. Ton salon doit être spacieux et fort agréable. :)
    Belle journée.

  • Heather

    and that shelfie has what brand of spices? because awesome packaging and all.

  • Cortney

    Where did you find your copy of Aura? I can’t find one anywhere.

  • Lauren McGregor

    Gorgeous post. I just started a wheel throwing class and while it’s difficult, it is ADDICTING. Have been literally dreaming of the perfect pottery I’ve been making. Dream Lauren is damn good at wheel throwing ;)

  • Kim Roberts

    Beautiful post, James! Could you please tell me the brand of the spices in your cabinets? I love the packaging!
    I’m pretty sure your new plant is a sago palm.. We have them here in Florida.

  • Scout

    Yay! I’m so glad you’re back!

  • Gabrielle

    Plant hard to tell from just the one bit, but could it be an areca palm?

  • Natalie

    Lovely photos as always, your home is always the best aesthetically! Much love <3

  • blanca

    Hola!!this is Blanca from Spain,that beautyfull little planta is called cycas revoluta ,very common here…love your blog!best regards

  • cassandra

    Hi James! Would you mind sharing where you found that wood carving from that sits atop your books? I absolutely love it. Thank you so much!

  • Trish

    kinda late, but that plant is a Sago plant. It’s extremely easy to grow and its so very resilient. It get’s super spiky. My husband and I joke about growing one in front of our daughters window. hehe

    I love your bits + pieces section. It’s inspired me to start one on my blog. I have such a hard time keeping up with pictures, so I thought this would be a great way to do that for me and my family.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

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