Sorry it was so quiet here over the past week. I was in San Francisco for hustling for Mother! Have a great weekend, and here are this week’s ten things…

1. Take a peak at the best street style photos from last week’s Paris couture shows.

2. An Alexander McQueen biopic is in the works.

3. A list of the 2016 Grammy performers.

4. You can now stay in a luxury tree house hotel in central London.

5. The cannabis-growing nuns fighting to legalize weed. Too funny!

6. Where to eat in 2016.

7. Check out the Sundance Film Festival highlights.

8. I’m excited to listen to this new podcast.

9. What books to base your life on, according to an avid reader.

10. Impatiently waiting until July for this new exciting cookbook to drop!

Photo of Joan Baez and Bob Dylan via Getty Images.


  • Stella

    I just subscribed to Modern Love and can’t wait to listen to it!

  • Fay Heather

    Tree house hotel?! Best thing ever.

  • Chloe | Conscious by Chloe

    I love Modern Love. I subscribed to it after Joanna Goddard recommended it. Did you listen the gold fish story already? So deep!

  • Jasmine Eclipse

    That tree house hotel looks grand, AND it’s in London?! Win-win. I’ve stayed in a tree house hotel once before, but it was in a jungle setting. It would be interesting to stay in one in a city.

  • Emily

    I really like the list for the places to eat in 2016. It is on my wishlist to eat at Husk. Also coincidentally I just listened to the Joan Baez song Diamonds and Rust and then there was the picture of her and Bob Dylan on this post. =] Funny how those things happen.


  • Va

    The tree house hotel sounds insane. Would love to stay a night there!

  • Ashlee

    Oh yeaaa Bob is my absolute favorite! I never an tired of replaying his albums over and over!


  • hannah

    The tree house hotel looks awesome, but I’m really confused about why such a jungly tree house is in the middle of a huge city like London. I guess it will masterfully combine both atmospheres.

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