I’ve been traveling often for work over this past year, so much so that I am starting to feel way more comfortable with each trip. Although I still battle travel anxiety, I have made a lot of progress and feel it much less. I’m feeling more like a seasoned badass when I head to the airport—I pull my perfectly packed wheeled carry-on behind me, dressed in my strategized travel outfit, and breeze through security and the terminal with ease and a feeling like “I got this.”

I’ve learned just what I need and don’t need, what I can do and can’t do, to work ahead before my flights, and to stay very organized and on schedule. I am traveling for work this week, and nearly every other week through March, which is kinda crazy.

This trip is 5 days long and I had to pack carefully to include enough clothing for two events—one semi-dressy and one pretty casual, dinner with family one night, a business dinner another night, and I have a late night with friends planned to close the trip, plus regular everyday clothes. I’m happy to report, I packed everything I need into my small carry-on and have one shoulder bag that hold my computer and my purse. In other words, I am a f@*king magician.

Here are a few of the things I can’t travel without…


1. A cashmere travel set, complete with blanket and travel mask. I don’t use the mask much, but I get so cold on flights and the blanket is heaven! 2. A book. Right now I’m reading The Girl’s Guide to Hunting and Fishing. 3. A travel pillow. This one deflates, making it super easy to tuck away. 4. I treated myself to a really nice piece of luggage to help make my travels easier. I wanted a carry-on, so I wouldn’t have to hassle with baggage claim. It was expensive, but one of my favorite purchases ever—a real grown-up buy! It rolls like a dream and fits so much inside. 5. A carry on cocktail kit. These are a great alternative to the mixers from the airline. Did you know that you can bring your own mini bottles of booze onboard with you? Just be warned, some flight attendants will try to tell you it’s against the rules when in fact, it’s not. 6. A snack. I like Kind Bars. 7. A portable phone charger—godsend! 8. My own travel size shampoo and conditioner because you never know what your hotel provides and it’s better to be safe than sorry. 8. Travel size skincare! I recommend the Somme Institute Mobile. It’s incredible and has everything you need from serum to my beloved Transport Pads! 9. Sneakers! I cannot tell you how important it is to always pack a pair, especially if you are in the city and will be walking a lot. I made the mistake of bringing one pair of boots on a recent trip and has blisters all over my feet.

Have any travel necessities to add? I would love to hear them!


  • Kathleen

    Wow that carryon bag….what is so much better about it than others that it warrants a $645 price tag? I just bought some new ones on Amazon to make sure they meet the new carryon specs for $50+ free shipping. Is this 10x better? Will it last 10x longer?

    I definitely echo bringing your own blanket. Oftentimes I bring a big scarf that can double as a blanket.

  • Samantha

    Thanks for this! I’m travelling a couple of times next month so definitely needed the recommendations :) If only I could manage to get my suitcase that organized (lol)

  • Taylor K

    One of my essentials is this calming chocolate called Good Day Chocolate. They have a sleep and calm one that I swear by (all natural and taste so good!). I found them one day in the checkout line at Whole Foods and now it’s a staple. Comfy socks are another travel essential, because I hate wearing shoes on 10+ hr plane rides!

  • Shantel

    Awesome packing! I am wondering what kind of black boots those are in your title picture? They look yummy!

  • michelle

    ~~~Safe travels to you, James~~~ Also, who is that chunky ivory sweater in your suitcase by, please? It’s adorable.

    • michelle

      I mean chic … chic yet simultaneously adorable. Valerian root capsules are great for anxiety while traveling or anytime.

  • lisa

    Since I have kids, I love to traveling for work! So the time stopes and I have to sit down and can relax :-) In my suitcase are nearly the same stuff like you (the cocktail kid- I have to check the rules here in europe), but I need oropax, eye drops and my scetch book for ideas too. love&peace to Nashville from Berlin <3 lisa

  • Alexia

    A mini hand cream from l’Occitane, a sample of the face cream ‘l’immortelle’ and a the ginger flight therapy from Aesop! Have a safe travel!

  • Nancy Wilde

    Comfortable shoes are EVERYTHING. There’s nothing worse than aching feet.
    Any good book is a must-carry, I think x

  • Adrienne

    Carry on cocktail kit?! Genius.

    I just read about these amazing pants (plyknits merino pants) that I would love to get. Feel-good fabric on your thighs makes a big difference while traveling.

  • Christina

    earplugs! Perfect for the plane if there is a snoring neighbor, loud bar or restaurant below your room, and perhaps tuning out your travel mate for just a bit. Oh, and a refillable water bottle so your not buying bottles all the time and you still stay hydrated.

  • Melissa

    I often have travel anxiety too! I love this post and think cocktail mixer is the cutest/most f*&%ing awesome thing I’ve seen. Thanks for sharing!

  • Nicole

    Electrolyte tablets to add to water and a hydrating facial spray. It’s so easy to get dehydrated/feel puffy when getting off a flight!


  • Brittany

    You are totally a magician! I’d love to see the five days of outfits laid out. I always look up people’s travel wardrobes while I pack!

  • Hannah

    I know this is something small, but I always forget to pack it. Chewing gum for the flight. It really helps with the change in the pressure to keep your ears from popping. I never remember this and have to buy it in the airport, and everyone knows that airport prices are ridiculous!

  • Mindy

    what comes in the cocktail kit? i went to the link, but it does not show nor does it say in the description what comes in it.

  • Q

    I was just travelling with a friend and we were thinking if it is okay to bring your own small drinks to the flight :-D Nice to know, even though we didn’t even try it!


    take with you the best portuguese shoes :) we wait your order xoxo

  • Amber

    My must have (especially on long flights) are some sort of eye drops or eye mist. I opt for something natural like Natures Tears which is a spray, although maybe they don’t allow those on planes. But in general I find that my eyes get SO DRY on flights and they really impede my ability to watch hours and hours of in flight entertainment – I used to think I was just sleepy but I wouldn’t be able to sleep. So top tip – keep your eyes from getting dry and red. Also, Fat and the Moon’s deodorant cream! And socks!

  • Ashley

    i looooove love that book. parfait

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