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Like so many of you, I was extremely saddened waking up to the news that David Bowie had passed away yesterday morning. My phone buzzing with texts from friends and my mom, sharing their shock about the discovery. I spent the morning overcome with feelings of loss, sadness, and nostalgia listening to the songs that helped shape my childhood and my love for music. You will be missed my Starman friend. Thank you for everything.

Here is my absolute favorite performance by David Bowie in 1969.


  • Melanie

    I was hoping it was a hoax. He will truly be missed.

  • Stacey

    Heartbroken….have been listening to his albums since I heard the news two nights ago.

  • Alexandra Neves Silva

    <3 Bowie, you will always be one of my heroes!
    wonderful pictures.
    thanks for sharing

  • Ann

    I will always remember being 14 and thinking how handsome he was and how much I loved his voice. Musical genius – style icon.

  • Adrienne

    What a great collection of photographs. We were sad and shocked as well. Some people you just expect will always be around. My 11 year old is really bummed out. Bowie is one of his favorite artists.

  • Chrissy

    Absolutely heartbreaking. That last photograph is a treasure! I’ve never seen it before. xoxo

  • weekend blooms | time to bloom

    […] A sad week where we said goodbye to the music and style icon that was David Bowie […]

  • Nikole

    We all are sad, and many of us said that in our blogs :

  • Pat Schwab

    Wow, this is so sad and shocking. I will miss his genius. He was my first concert. My friend and I begged our parents to go and had to have her older sister drive us. We had the biggest crush on him and his music. A few days before his death I had a Bowie marathon while I was working on other things. I saw him twice live and every time was amazing. I wish everybody could have seen him live. His music is interwoven in my life and memories. When I was 15 and saw him for the first time. I didn’t know it was a historical moment in music history. It was his first concert of his first tour in America on 9/22/72 in Cleveland, Ohio. Here is a link to an article and video clips of this concert. I will miss you shining bright Starman.

  • Julia

    Thanks for the photos, lovely post as usual and about such a poignant topic! It’s nice to see his many facets but also those quieter, more dressed down sides to him you found, like the photos with his family. <3 I read an article I think you'd enjoy that shows a really positive, real side to David, recounted by drummer Sterling Campbell, telling about David's generosity of spirit and support of artistic vision in others. Thought to share with you too –

  • Brit

    These are very wonderful photos of David. Wish you included some of him and Iman. They were a huge part of each other’s lives and she was super supportive of him until the very end, literally.

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