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Some recent photos…

1. I love this photo. She still looks like a baby here.
2. Sailor kisses are my favorite.
3. Snack time.
4. Annie’s Berry Patch Yogurt with fresh strawberries and a side of graham crackers.
5. Crystals hanging in my window.
6. Animal lovers.
7. A morning cup of tea.
8. Wild Thing.
9. A gift from my girl.
10. Group hug!


  • Elise Xavier

    What gorgeous pictures <3. I love the one where they're with the cat & dog.

  • Melanie

    You take such wonderful photographs…you can seriously capture emotion! Love it! =)

  • Kaylee

    Your photos always make me so happy! And that little crystal hanging on the window is really
    gorgeous :) Thanks for this amazing post xx

  • Irene

    Dear James,

    what a nice day hanging out with the kids. Enjoy your little ones. You know better how fast the time goes by with children.

    I always wonder what the race of your beautiful cat is? Abesinian? I am looking for a family cat for my three children.
    My little one said, that she does not want to marry, She wants a cat or a dog and a smart (car), but this just has so little space in it, so she can’t have any children. But when I am old, she would pick me up at “my old-peaple-place” and go for a coffee with me. But I also could have a whine, if I would prefer that….
    Children are the best!
    Have a nice day!

  • Camille

    Still dreaming of having bob hanging on my wall like that :-) But where to find..?

  • Claudia

    always great bits and pieces into your lives. since you are into indoor rainbows, perhaps you would like to check out the ones i make. they are all one of a kind.

    have a happy day!

  • Lisa

    Nice things !

  • Virginie

    Are the Annie’s and Covet+Lou links sponsored links?


  • Nicole

    Oh I like the kitty! But more so I love these pictures! The lighting is on point! Very well done! Keep it up :)

  • Ashlee

    Love your striped shirt in this!

  • jane

    ok james- you just made me neglect everything today. i couldn’t put the girl’s guide to hunting and fishing down. i loved it! thanks for inspiring me to pick it up…now, what’s for dinner? :)

  • Natalie

    I always adore your bits+pieces, it always make the perfectly curated little squares feel silly and I feel more calm about our hectic little life we have at times ;) truthfully it has been inspirational as a mama of one to see a mama of four accomplishing so much!

    Thank you!


  • kelseyespecially

    My 3 and 5 year olds LOVE yogurt and graham crackers too. Seriously, the weirdest thing. And they’ve ALWAYS loved ‘em.

  • Fay Heather

    Lovely photos! Sailor’s hair is so cute and I love that last photo :)

  • Jasmine Eclipse

    Beautiful, beautiful family, home, vibes. I love everything about your blog. You’re so inspiring!

  • Lou et Swann

    So beautiful photos ! ♥


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