It’s Friday—yay! This is a particularly good Friday because tomorrow afternoon my big kids return from summer break with their dad in Florida. I have missed them over the past six weeks. We plan on spending the entire weekend outside, eating watermelon, and playing in the river. Here are this weeks ten things…

1. I spent 5+ hours cleaning out my closet last night with the help of a friend and have 3 giant black bags full of clothes and shoes to give to donation and a hand full of things that I may sell via Instagram in the near future. It felt so good to simplify my wardrobe.

2. The book Word Of Mouth just came out—and just happens to feature some of my good friends within its pages.

3. Such a cool home! The attic bedroom is my favorite.

4. The six best ethnic eats in Nashville.

5. If Dr. Seuss were to explain pregnancy. LOL.

6. Do you say “sorry” too much?

7. I made watermelon mint sangria over on Mother this week. Best summer drink ever, I swear. Try it!

8. We finally saw The Wolfpack documentary last weekend. Such an incredible story! I highly recommend if you haven’t watched already.

9. Putting this linen top on my upcoming birthday wish list.

10. The sweetest handmade animal dolls.

Photograph above by Amanda Charchian.


  • kate

    I always love reading lists of the reading people are doing and the things that have inspired. I love the whole ‘down the rabbit hole-ness’ of it. Thanks for these links – and enjoy the heat. My hands are numb as I sit here and tap away.

  • Julie Keegan

    yay! Seeing Joe Fletcher on the cover of ‘Word of Mouth’ melts my heart.

  • Danika Maia

    I definitely say sorry too much!! Nice post thanks.

    Danika Maia

  • Laura


    I am so excited you are posting again! You have the most beautiful blog on the internet!

  • Jess

    I am absolutely loving linen tops right now and that one is to die for!

  • Chandler

    I love a good list! And some watermelon, your weekend plans sound great! I saw that Dr. Seuss explanation of pregnancy a few days ago and I laughed out loud. Also that house with the attic bedroom, swoon.

  • Michelle Erba

    Man, whoever nabs though donations are lucky ducks!

  • Christy

    The Smiling Elephant is one of our favorites – everything there is delicious!

  • Sara

    Yep, definitely say sorry too much – then say sorry for saying sorry. Must work on that.
    I need that top immediately *sells kidney*

  • Mary Macfarlan

    This is a beautiful photograph.

  • Jessica V

    Yay for cleaning out closets. It is such an amazing feeling….

  • signe

    I always enjoy reading lists like these. It’s always fun to see what is going on in other people’s heads! Thanks for sharing!

    : signe :
    : the daily savant :

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