We are getting ready to re-do our bedroom (we like to call it the stabin’ cabin—just kidding you guys. Ha!). Anyway, our room (which you can see a little bit of here) is one of the brightest rooms in the house, which we love, but it’s also in need of some design help. We love our low-to-the-ground bed and a few other pieces in there, but all-in-all we’re pretty bored with the space. We don’t want to do anything too crazy or drastic, but a slight upgrade would be nice. New bedding is a must. We currently have white linen everything, and while we love it, we wouldn’t mind upgrading to a nicer linen set—ours was cheap and has a few holes in it from over the years, along with some little drawings from Sailor—I swear that kid hates paper. We would love a pop of contrasting color in one form or another on the bed, too—maybe a cool, textured throw, quilt, or some printed pillows. We are looking for a new rug and a new chair for the room, along with some art for the walls. Art is hard! Not exactly sure where to begin looking for the perfect pieces, but I know we will find something we like in due time. I would also love a large mirror in the space, and more plants are crucial to bringing a little bit of life into the mix. I’m excited to get started!

Photos above, top left to bottom right: 1, 2, 3, 4.


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