1 I’ll be turning 36-years-old in August, which feels totally crazy to me because I still feel like I’m a kid and like I’m learning the ropes as an adult. Something that comes along with every birthday, as well as every New Years Day, is the desire to take better care of myself and make “resolutions” to change the things in my life that I don’t like. It’s these two periods of time that I self-evaluate and tend to focus on all of the things I am not doing that I probably should be doing. This is one of those times.

I take really good care of my skin, which is something that my mother always told me to do—she always said to moisturize and never to go to sleep wearing makeup—and although sometimes I can get lazy in the moisturizing department, I am kind of a freak when it comes to my skincare routine. I look forward to that time each morning and night. It’s how I start my day and end my day, and it’s this very specific ritual that I cherish—my me time, if you will. So, I give myself an A+ when it comes to taking care of my face, but I am realizing that I don’t always put the same effort into other things. I don’t work out, which I think is starting to catch up to me. I don’t eat as good as I should. I could write a out laundry list of the things that I don’t do or could be doing better, but instead, I think I’ll focus on the things that I am going to DO to make small, good changes.


I am reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. A book that apparently is truly “life-changing”. I have noticed that over the past two years, after our giant purge before we moved, that things are starting to accumulate again. Shelves are starting to become cluttered and messy, closets and drawers are overflowing. It’s definitely time to do a clean out. I also could use some major help in the organization department, so I am excited to get through this read.


I’m taking vitamins! I buy supplements often, but always forget to take them. I recently started taking Olly Vitamins and I am hooked. They are gummies, which are not only fun to eat, but they taste amazing and I actually look forward to taking them each day. I keep mine beside my bed to remind me to supplement first thing each morning. I’m taking the Women’s MultiVitamin D3, and Undeniable Beauty.


The kids are also taking vitamins. They love Lil’ Ollys Kids’ Multi + Probiotic!


I’m getting dressed 5 days a week. This may sound silly, but I work from my home office each day and it’s so easy to just stay in my pajamas. Aubrey and I have a shared office downtown, but I really prefer working in the comfort of my own home and want to do so as long as I am able. When I get up and get ready and dressed for the day, I feel better about myself and I also get to wear my clothes that I love. I love those lazy days when I work from bed, but am only allowing myself two of them each week.


We are starting to “unplug” more and more. We’ve turned dinner time into a technology-free zone and we try to leave our phones upstairs when having family time. It’s made a massive difference in our home. We get to have so many more “present” moments with the each other and the kids. I really think social media tends to consume us, so I have made an effort to cut down on my usage dramatically. I still post, but rarely will I scroll through Instagram or social media anymore. I’m just not feeling it lately and it feels great.


I am eating cleaner. I have dieted in some form or another for over half my life and after all of these years, I realize that they don’t work! So, instead of going on a “diet”, I am going to just eat better, while still allowing myself the indulgences that I love. More salads, healthier snacks, juices, increasing my water intake, and cutting out gluten and sugar when possible, without too much sacrifice. Everything in moderation. I love food too much to deprive myself.


I am going to be more active. I scheduled my first Barre class—yay! I am excited to give it a try. And, now that it’s warm, we have started our family walks through the neighborhood most evenings. It’s a good time to get in a little extra action at the end of the day, plus the little kids can get their wiggles out before bedtime. I am also starting to get more sleep. Feeling rested when I wake each morning is a major game changer and I have been trying to hit the hay earlier each night and take naps when I am able. I just can’t survive on little sleep like I used to.

So there you have it. A few ways that I am making small improvements as I enter year thirty-six. There are a few more little things that I will strive to do like keep up with my inbox and organize my calendar a little better, but I don’t want to bore you with those. Have you made any small changes that made a big impact in your life? If so, please share.

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  • Esther

    Thanks for this inspirational post! I love all your ‘resolutions.’ Those vitamins look great – I hate swallowing vitamins but I try to take them anyway, so these look like a great alternative.

    I’ve been spending virtually no time on social media as well for the past couple of weeks, and it is nice! I think I’m actually happier. Sometimes, like you said, it’s so consuming, and often it doesn’t do anything but make us feel dissatisfied with our own lives. Here’s to screen-free!

  • Nicole

    Thanks for the tips on the vitamins, those look like some good ones to give a try! I’m with you on needing to purge the home of unwanted things and eat cleaner. I also just backed up all my devices – phone, computer and hard drives to the cloud – that was something I majorly needed to do and I feel so relieved now knowing if something were to happen I’m protected.

  • Rebecca Orr

    I purposefully use a pay as you go cell phone. When my 30 days are up and I don’t feel like adding more minutes…I don’t. It feels nice to not have my phone ringing or constantly dinging from texts all the dang time. People know that if they REALLY need to get a hold of me, they can call or text my fiance.

  • Somebody from Somewhere

    This is such an inspirational and motivational post! Thanks for sharing!

  • ziv

    inspiring, thank you. i am 34 and preparing for my first baby, engaging with self-care seems really significant as the due date nears. just as a side note, it may be best to take vitamins that are non-gmo certified and plant based.. better for your overall health. unfortunately ‘natural’ doesn’t mean much.

  • Polly

    A very motivating post! I have been making the effort to get ready and dressed every “at home” day and it definitely makes me feel better :) I also think I should take a leaf out of your book and stop scrolling through instagram every 5 minutes! x

    Polly Cat Contemplates

  • Claire

    I unplugged from Facebook about 3 months ago and it was the best decision I ever made! No more aimless scrolling and no frustration at the content. Being present is definitely a good thing for balance. I also dress everyday even though I work from home. I structure my day as if I was in the office and am have been surprised at how productive I am. Happy 36! I just turned 40, new decade scariness!

  • Benedicte

    36 and 4 kids…You rock mama! Thank you for an inspiring post. Almost ordered some of these Olly vitamins but realized they don’t seem to be organic. Too bad. They look good though ;)

  • Christelle

    36? oh my you seem younger than that!
    thanx for the inspiration with this post!
    I really appreciate your way of life and your very good taste.
    xoxo from France!

  • jill-maggiemaygifts

    This is a great post. I’m with you on all of it! The decluttering and the social media shut off are key. There is so much stimuli these days, that to simplify feels amazing!

  • Diana S

    I don’t get the idea of taking vitamins with glucose (from corn) as the first ingredient and sugar the next….?

  • Charlotte

    It’s always little improvements that have the biggest impact. I joined the gym recently and feel great for it. Good for you.

    Charlotte xx

  • Michelle O.

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  • Samantha M.

    This is a really great post. I’ve hit that age where I’ve become more cognizant of the decisions I’m making and the kind of impact they have on my physical, mental, and emotional well-being. I have a long way to go to being 100% consistent in my diet, skincare, and cleaning habits, but the little changes I’ve been able to make have been very exciting and motivating. Thanks for sharing this post, it was very encouraging and helpful! :)

  • Andrea

    My mom introduced me to that book and I bought it and it is hands down the best de-cluttering book I’ve ever read. I love the quiet tone it has and for mom and me, it has changed our lives and for the better. It all literally comes down to “does it bring you joy” and it’s amazing when you start purging stuff what truly makes you happy. I can’t wait to hear what your thoughts are on this wonderful little book. Thanks for your lovely blog and the inspiration it brings to so many people!

  • Christina

    I love this list. I need to read that book! Also, happy that you’re trying to work out – it is absolutely life changing! You will become addicted.

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Christina |

  • marie

    I need to declutter my house too! With 2 boys, it can get tough cos they seem to want and remember all the toys that they have. :/ Anw I got eat ‘cleaner’ too

  • marie

    I got to eat cleaner too, it’s really affecting my mood and skin recently. Eeeks.

  • Mia M

    Hey James,

    Like you I am trying to do clean eating for my body as much as my health hopefully I will win these vitamins to try. Recently I have begun Oil Pulling ( I used the unrefined cold pressed organic coconut oil from trader joes) it has been great I also ingest it 10mg three times a day and it’s worked wonders for overall feeling. You should consider giving it a try!


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