It’s been a busy month and I have not been snapping photos or posting to this space as regularly as I’d like to. I’m three weeks behind on sharing the kids’ portraits, so I decided to share them all at once and then continue moving forward later this week, on schedule. Apologies for the delay.

Sailor, age 2: This boy has been pretty naughty lately, but his cute curls and deep belly laugh make it all ok.
Birdie, age 4: Her favorite joke is “What does the cat say when you step on its tail?” “MEOOOW.”
Plum, age 12: She has been practicing for a big school speech for the past week. It’s cool to see how into it she is and how comfortable she is speaking in front of others.
Julian, age 14:  He is about to start tennis lessons after school. Love:love.


  • Olya

    they are getting more and more beautiful and sooo grown up! you have to make one more baby :))

  • Olivia

    Hi! Love your blog, I stumbled upon it a few years ago and have followed ever since. Following it through college as Ive been working towards a marketing degree, I have definitely looked at your career as Inspirational. I’m graduating soon and have an ongoing battle with myself deciding to look for jobs in the corporate setting ( sigh) or make a brandname for myself as you’ve done with bleubird. I guess I’m just curious what you’d tell yourself back at 23 and if you have any advice for a twenty something with big dreams :) keep being wonderful!

  • Wendy

    Such a beautiful family. :)

    (And from the looks of it, a great vinyl collection, too.)

  • Tawny Marie

    Oh my gosh! Birdie’s shirt is so cute! Where did you find it?

  • run wild shalan

    Beautiful creatures. Makes me want to have babies. Stop it!



  • Kirti

    HI there, lovely lovely blog! I had a look back a few pages – I’ll be making that Chicken (Burrito/ Enchilada !?) soup this week! Gorgeous photos, thanks for sharing them.
    Kirti, Melbourne, Australia.:-D

  • Hannah

    The photo of Plum on the stairs is really lovely. These are my favorite posts, as always.

  • Elizbaeth Jeanne

    Always looking forward to your portraits. No surprise there. So, so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hannah | Fox & Willow

    precious little moments.

  • Elise

    These are adorable and lovely! And exactly one of the reasons I am trying to learn photography.. I would love to capture my kids this way when I have them.

  • Jackie

    Miss your posts!! Hope your absence means good times with the family :)

    Looking forward to your updates!


  • Jammen

    Oh my, those curls on Sailor – beautiful! Wonderful portraits of your children, I’ve read your blog for years and it’s such a fun way to see how they change and evolve. Your blog is great, one of my faves! :)

  • Marianthi || breathsndreams

    These photos are simply wonderful!! I am expecting soon my first baby & you just gave me a huge inspiration!! :-) Marianthi, xo

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