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Aether gifted us a Cone a few months ago, which was exciting because we are big music fans. The Cone is a well designed music player that makes listening to the bands you love simple. You literally tell it what to play with your voice and it listens, which the kids think is the coolest thing ever! Birdie tells it to “Play Chandelier” several times a day, so she can sing along with Sia at the top of her lungs. You can also use the Aether app and control it from your phone to create a more customized listening experience.

We were more than impressed with the Cone and have since grown our collection from one to four—one on the main floor, one in our bedroom, and one for each of the big kids, so they would stop fighting over ours. What’s cool about having more than one is that Aether just launched multi-room syncing, so we can play the same music throughout the house on all four Cones or have each one play different music. Aether also just announced bluetooth, which makes it possible to listen to your favorite tunes virtually anywhere. We are currently in Texas visiting family and friends and brought one with us. The battery lasts 8 hours, so we get in plenty of playing time on a single charge. Well done Aether!

Check out Aether for more details.

This post is in partnership with Aether, a company and product we use and love.


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