I’ve been making smoothies religiously in the morning time for the past month to help start my day off on the right foot, and to help me reduce the amount of coffee I drink. Birdie started drinking them, too, and she is now officially on the smoothie train with me. I make a batch each day and drink it in place of breakfast. Birdie still has eggs and toast or cereal, but the smoothie fills me up until lunch time. Some days I don’t even need coffee because this smoothie gives me plenty of energy. A few of you have asked what’s in our morning smoothies, and I am happy to report that there’s a lot of good stuff in there. I snapped a few photos this morning and am listing what inside, below. I eyeball everything, but will do my best to make estimated measurements incase you want to give it a try, which I recommend—it’s delicious!

Our morning smoothie:

1 fresh banana
1 cup frozen blueberries
1/2 cup frozen strawberries
1/2 cup almond milk
1/4 cup coconut water
Handful of fresh spinach leaves
1 scoop of Perfect Food (grass powder)
1 scoop Superfood (I’ve been using the kid’s version since Birdie is drinking them.)
2 tbs. fish oil
2 tbs. flax seed
2 tbs. goji berries
1 tbs. chia seeds

Blend all of the above in a high-powered blender. I have a Blendtec and I freaking love it. If the smoothie seems like it needs more liquid, I add more almond milk or coconut water. Serve and drink immediately. If you let it sit for too long, the flax will cause it to thicken up quite a bit. This smoothie is packed with vitamins, nutrients, and so many other good things that your body needs, and it actually tastes really good!

If any of you happen to drink a smoothie in the morning, I would love to hear about the stuff that goes into it, including the brands of supplements that you love. It would be nice to switch things up from time to time.


  • Jessica

    I’ve personally shied away from most almond milk because the jury is still out on whether or not carrageenan as an additive is safe- but I do love to add canned coconut milk or coconut water, or sometimes just juice. I also love freezing bananas because I love the creaminess they add.
    For a while, I’d been on a vanilla protein powder+orange juice+frozen banana kick – it tastes like an Orange Julius!

    Sometimes I’ll throw in peanut/nut butter and/or cocoa powder for richness, especially if there are a lot of greens in the mix (just the unsweetened, regular cocoa – usually there’s enough sweetness in the fruit to bring out the chocolatey flavor so it doesn’t taste like dirt. If not, I add a bit of honey, too).

    • Denea Dailey

      Have you ever tried making your own almond milk? It’s surprisingly simple and tastes much better than store-bought. Just soak one cup of plain almonds in water overnight. Rinse thoroughly then next morning. Combine the one cup of almonds with 4 cups of filtered water in a blender and blend away. Strain the milk from the pulp with cheesecloth (I use reusable produce bags to strain instead), and you’re done! You can also add honey or cocoa to change up the taste.

  • Tammy

    Sounds wonderful! I haven’t been quite as religious about making smoothies or green juices as I would like, but when I get the chance I make it with kale, strawberries, bananas, almond milk, wheat germ and flax and occasionally I throw a yogurt in there for a thicker drink. I love it. I even tried it with arugula because I was out of kale one night. LOL! It was actually pretty tasty.

  • Julie Keegan

    We put a mug of cooled decaf green tea in our smoothies for the liquid along with coconut water and 1/4 cup Kefir. Our kids love morning smoothies too!

  • Reva

    Looks so good. I love how kids love smoothies. My nephew is always stealing his moms, even after he has finished his own in the morning!
    I use Vega One in my smoothies (although I think I’m going to look more into the protein one now that I’ve started up at the gym). I add spinach, banana, chia, flax and hemp as a base, and then depending on the day add mint leaves and a hunk of raw or extra dark chocolate (about an 1 square), or strawberries and raspberries, or mango and coconut, or peaches! Depends on the time of year, as I like to have more local fruit when possible, or stuff from my garden.
    ps.. I made the no knead bread you posted way way back… it was so good, and I can’t wait until I make it again! Loved it!

  • Wren

    Honestly, I’ve been considering giving up coffee in the mornings. I was just thinking about starting off with water from the time I wake up, but a smoothie sounds like a good idea, too. Definitely a healthier alternative to coffee, which isn’t horrible for you as long as you don’t fill it with a ton of sugar and creamer and limit your intake. I’ve read several places where black coffee is the best for your body, which makes sense. Sometimes, though, I think the caffeine wears off before it ever gets going with me. There are days when I’ll drink a whole cup, even two cups, and feel nothing, and I would rather have a healthy energy booster than caffeine. Too much of that will give me a migraine and won’t even help with my energy half the time. I will definitely keep this recipe on hand! Thank you for sharing! Birdie is precious, as always. :)

  • Genevieve

    Sounds tasty! I would replace the fish oil with hemp seeds, but that’s me :) I love my smoothies too, during the work week my husband and I have a veggie/fruit smoothie for breakfast, a mean green kale juice for lunch and then a full meal at dinner.

  • Sarah

    i absolutely LOVE Philosophie Super Foods! The Green Dream powder is seriously freaking amazing, I’ve been using it for years and it’s my favorite for green smoothies! The Berry Bliss is my sons favorite, and I use the Cacao Magic when I’m craving something chocolately :)
    Plus, it’s a small business owned/ran by an awesome mom, Sophie!
    I also totally recommend using coconut butter(manna) in your smoothies, it makes them amazing.
    My go to green smoothie is
    Frozen banana
    1 cup Almond milk
    1tbsp coconut butter
    1tbsp almond butter
    1 tsp cinnamon
    1 TBsp green dream powder
    1tsp organic raw local honey


  • Alexandra

    Birdie’s hair is so long and pretty! I used to love using my roommate’s blender in college to drink so many smoothies – we’d put peanut butter in them. You just inspired me to buy one of my own!

    Warm Regards,

  • DT

    That sounds healthy delicious! Gonna try that. Thanks for sharing :)
    - DT

  • Erin Hill

    We drink smoothies daily too as my kids only eat a handful of fresh fruits and veggies. They love smoothies though. Today, our smoothie was strawberries, bananas, red grapes, raspberries, blueberries, and kale. I added in some flax and a few ounces of NingXia Red from Young Living, plus water. They love it. I’m intrigued by your kids superfood though.

  • Cristina

    Would you mind sharing what kind of cup Birdie is using in the photos? We love Nordic Naturals cod liver oil, lime juice or apple cider vinegar, and lots of fresh ginger. Our toddler loves this “juice” :)

  • Alli Cherry

    Sounds delicious! My husband and I have been loving loving morning smoothies. We love: greens first protein powder & orac-energy greens mixed with coconut milk, coconut flakes, cacao powder, maca powder, chia seeds, berries, and spinach. it tastes like a chocolate berry shake!
    Keeps me full till lunch. Thanks for sharing your recipe!


    Wow!! It’s such a great idea to start a new day with healthy and fresh smoothie. Your children must be very happy. ^^

  • Caitlyn

    I like to interchange almond milk and kefir. If you haven’t tried kefir, it tastes great in smoothies and adds a probiotic. Spinach, kale, banana, (apple, pinapple, avocado or all) is a good green smoothie. Avocados add a smooth texture.

  • Jess

    First off, this looks great and thanks so much for sharing! Will try yours for sure. When we make them, we LOVE Vega powder. It’s a Canadian vegan protein powder, no soy, and tastes amazing. Their vanilla and their chocolate flavors are so good, they dont have an artificial or ‘chalky’ after taste like so many protein powders do. Love them, see if you can get some in your area! They come in tubs but also small single size (though I often make a couple smoothies out of a small packet), so you can taste it and see what you think. With those flavors, we use frozen berries most often or mango and lots of spinach, and it makes an amazing choco/berry or vanilla/berry smoothie flavor. We add chia seeds for extra bulk or protein, and I wonder when your smoothie gets too ‘thick’ as you noted in your post, is it the flax seeds or is it the chia seeds? Because chia seeds turn into a lovely jelly when they absorb water, so we add liquid (almond fresh is our favorite!) as needed if the smoothie gets to thick as the chia seeds soak up liquid. Might be happening in your smoothies too? Do you use flax seed or flax oil? My spice grinder isn’t strong enough to grind the flax seeds to make them digestible (apparently our bodies can’t break them down as seeds so they need to be ground or in oil form?) so we opt for flax oil. I’m curious how you find your blender, what its good at/not good at, does your Blandtec grind up the flax seeds well? Am looking into high speed blenders and wondering about options other than vitamix. Anyway, thanks for sharing your smoothie ingredient picks, looks great and so delicious!

  • PeaceHouse40

    Maca powder
    baby kale
    acai packs, the frozen kind
    sacha inchi
    spirulina powder
    coconut milk
    froz. berries

  • Hayley Kivell

    my go to morning smoothie day in and day out is…
    Good Morning Green Smoothie!
    Half a fresh banana
    Handful of loose spinach
    1 scoop of plain, low-fat Greek yogurt
    1 scoop of Genuine Health Vegan Protein powder (vanilla)
    1/2 cup Frozen pineapple chunks (I sometimes buy the tropical blend with mango, peahes etc)
    1/2 cup of water or coconut milk if I have it and to make it extra creamy!
    Optional: chia seeds, flax oil, hemp hearts.

    I love smoothies but they are time consuming soo the reality is I usually throw in whatever I have on hand and have time for. But yes the options are endless!!

  • abby

    Smoothies are so great! A few things I sometimes add to my smoothies are raw cacao powder (so many health benefits), cinnamon, turmeric, peppermint leaves and chopped vanilla bean. Not necessarily all at once, but sometimes – depending on the other additions.

  • www.mwordmag.com

    I am totally hooked on my smoothie ritual. the best start of the day

  • Alexandra

    I already feel inspired , I think my mornings will never be the same . My pre teens will love the idea . Thank you !

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