6/52 & 7/52



6/52 - A weekly portrait of my children.

Sailor, age 2: Not a big fan of getting his hair combed after bath time.
Birdie, age 4: Making her own breakfast. Here is the same thing for breakfast, photographed 2 years ago.
Plum, age 12: She’s the one I take on the most food dates, not because I play favorites, but because she’s a foodie like me and we can explore new restaurants together.
Julian, age 14: Learning how to play Imagine by John Lennon on the guitar this week. Attaboy!


7/52 A weekly portrait of my children.

Sailor, age 2: I think he wins the award for best bed head.
Birdie, age 4: She hasn’t been doing much listening these days, but she sure is cute.
Plum, age 12: They have this whole week off of school, due to the ice-storm, so it’s been straight vacation-mode—staying up late and sleeping in late.
Julian, age 14: This boy will grab anything but his winter coat when heading outside, even in the snow.


  • Annie

    Love your family photos as always! I’m so glad you’re posting these again! Can’t believe how big the kids are getting!! Especially the big kids! They’re mini adults!

    Thanks for sharing with us!

    The MAMA Gazette

  • Anne@BaptismalGownsPlus.com

    I thought it was just my son… 13 years old and you think I was asking for him to do the craziest thing by suggesting he wears a coat – and in CT in the dead of winter – it’s COLD around here…

  • Laura

    I love these series, they’re always so good x

  • Katness

    Wow! I can;t believe you have all these kids! You look so young! Beautiful kids too! I love the photos of your everyday life. Something I dream of. Kids. Lots of kids. :)

  • anita

    Gorgeous Photos, I love that you guys have vegemite, here in Australia we love it on our toast but we have it on Sao’s (cracker Biscuits) with grated cheese or plastic cheese (the cheese that comes wrapped in plastic squares) its our favourite spread.

  • Mary

    So neat to watch them growing up! Usually I think Birdie looks like Aubrey, but in the second shot I can really see you in her! Beautiful family


  • anna

    Beautiful shots. What camera body and lenses do you like to use the most?

  • Wendy, Melbourne Australia

    Just love that Birdie loves our Vegemite!! Cutie :) :)

  • Lou et Swann

    Nice photos!


  • anika


    lol birdie eating and loving vegemite. brave soul, she is

  • Kristy

    Good on ya Birdie! A happy littl’ vegemite
    Kristy from Australia

  • signe

    These photos are amazing! I’m new here and love it! Your kids have the coolest names!
    : signe : the daily savant :
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  • eleni

    My son is four next week and the first non-nursery song he learnt how to sing was Imagine. Everytime he does the Woo Hoo Oooo ooo ooo, I swear my heart skips a beat!

  • Hannah | Fox & Willow

    The progression of children growing is so bitter-sweet and this series is kicking my butt! I really need to get on board with documenting them better!

    Thanks for the inspiration :)

  • Melissa

    I’m amazed that your daughter likes Vegemite! I thought it was only us Aussies who love it on our toast :)) very cool, and gorgeous pics, cheers, Melissa

  • Tawny Marie

    I just love this series! Bijoux is getting so big!

  • Jane

    Vegemite in your kitchen! Love it!

  • em

    Julian = crush

  • Hannah

    It was these posts that made me really fall in love with your blog and your photography in the first place, and I always enjoy them most when I come back.
    You’re such a great storyteller with a camera.

  • Gillian

    Wow! One thing I can only say about you is that you are #MotherGoals . Someday, I will definitely remember you and will do this thing you do with your wonderful kids. I love your photos so much!!! Really, I am so inspired right now. ♥

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