6/52 & 7/52



6/52 - A weekly portrait of my children.

Sailor, age 2: Not a big fan of getting his hair combed after bath time.
Birdie, age 4: Making her own breakfast. Here is the same thing for breakfast, photographed 2 years ago.
Plum, age 12: She’s the one I take on the most food dates, not because I play favorites, but because she’s a foodie like me and we can explore new restaurants together.
Julian, age 14: Learning how to play Imagine by John Lennon on the guitar this week. Attaboy!


7/52 A weekly portrait of my children.

Sailor, age 2: I think he wins the award for best bed head.
Birdie, age 4: She hasn’t been doing much listening these days, but she sure is cute.
Plum, age 12: They have this whole week off of school, due to the ice-storm, so it’s been straight vacation-mode—staying up late and sleeping in late.
Julian, age 14: This boy will grab anything but his winter coat when heading outside, even in the snow.


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