A weekly portrait of my children.

Sailor, age 2: Twins.
Birdie, age 4: She is completely obsessed with Pikachu, so naturally we painted her face just like her.
Plum, age 12: She wants to start making herself Bento style lunches for school each day. First thing to master, making rice.
Julian, age 14: Saturday morning sunshine on his shoulder.


  • Nicole

    Love these- especially Plum’s hair. I’ve been tempted to chop mine off!

  • Rachel

    Just wondering because of Julian’s birthday is he currently in 8th grade or 9th? My son was born September 4th, 2000 and is in 9th grade but has one of the latest birthdays in his class while his best friend was September 1st, 1999 and is also in 9th grade. Thanks!

  • Erika Wynn

    Beautiful, as always.

  • Jenn E

    I’ve followed your lovely blog for years and for the first time have to comment.
    Your daughter, Mila seems so very similar to mine, it’s eerie. My girl, Estelle is 12, makes bentos for lunch (and siblings), prefers anything vintage, loves art, has an ETSY shop for her polymer clay, loves Kawaii, Littlest Pet Shop. Wears the same style and colors of clothes, has a slingshot, wears Minnetonkas…oh, I could go on forever!
    I homeschool all three and she is my most reserved (at least in public – she’s quite hilarious at home to the surprise of most) Since we left private school, she’s had a hard time meeting girls who “get” her. Thankfully she loves her siblings.
    When I see her in your pictures, I long for her to meet a friend just like her. Your girl is a doll :-) ALL of them are!
    ~Warmly, Jenn

  • Chelsea

    Gorgeous! This is my first 52, and already I am loving it. I love the way you capture life though- I definitely hope to get better at that, with less of that stagey feel I think is sometimes in my images:)


  • Jayne

    Gorgeous photos as always. You mentioned school, are your oldest two in mainstream school now?

  • Maïa

    So happy this 52 project starts again ! The first photo is absolutely beautiful !


  • Melanie

    All your pictures are making me melt, too much cuteness and love around! And the colours and light are amazing…Well done!

  • Dakotta

    The 52 weeks project is so brilliant. Your family seems so lovely. When Julian and Plum were younger did they have blonde hair as well? I’ve enjoyed all your frequent post lately, your blog is a joy to scroll through. xx

  • Sarah Keller

    Especially love that first photo, haha! Our latest 52 week portraits are up too: http://www.sarahkeller.com.

  • haley

    oh my god. these kids are gorgeous. i love that they are all into really cool, unique things.

  • Hannah | Fox & Willow

    Sailor is such a doll, sticking his little tongue out

  • Sarah Alchmist

    Well! These are good!

    Sarah Alchmist

  • Trixie Rae

    adorable fam! are your kids in public school in nashville? moving there soon and curious about the public schools. i really respect your opinion on this subject! thanks so much.

  • valerie

    Seriously so cute! I especially love the Pikachu face.


  • Sarah

    Fabulous photos! A very beautiful life you have there!

  • Shoko

    I am very curious what Plum packs for her lunch… I’m a mother of 5 (age 1 to 16) and pack lunch for 5 people everyday, and since I’m Japanese I try to make JP style Bento at least once a week, but it’s kind of hard with limited food variety here… so when she’s confident enough to share some ideas…. I’ll be waiting!!!

  • Ethel C.

    Ohhh!! Bentos! Ganbatte (Good Luck) Plum :)

    Perhaps she could use some of my favourite Japanese YouTube pages for inspiration. Their recipes are pretty easy to follow and they have English subtitles!

    Ochikeron: https://www.youtube.com/user/ochikeron
    Cooking With Dog: https://www.youtube.com/user/cookingwithdog

    Also, missing Julius’ moptop hair >< I hope he has fun back at regular school!

    Thank you Miss James for updating us with beautiful pictures of your family! Happy New Year too!

    xoxox from Malaysia

  • Rachel

    Just wondering because of Julian’s birthday is he currently in 8th grade or 9th?

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