We are so excited to share our Tennessee commercial with you all. This is the long version that is not shown on network television. The shorter TV versions have already been airing nationwide and it’s been fun getting notes from some of you who have seen them. And, Rolling Stone wrote it up this morning, which is pretty freaking cool!

For more information about our family trip, and to see the national television commercials, you can visit the TNVacation/Bleubird page, and you can visit the lovely Dolly Parton’s site right here. I will share more photos from our trip/experience next week! xx


  • Lea

    I’ve been absolutly sure that the commercial would be great but I had nooo idea it would be that awesome!!! And I love the very last photo :) Just great!

  • Laurie Baker

    So amazing and heartfelt! Plus…Dolly. Wow! What a beautiful video!

  • Alraune

    such a beautiful beautiful family!

  • Sandy Caribou

    This totally gave me goosebumps! From start to finish.

  • Carrie Anne

    So good! I agree that I knew it would be fun to watch, but it really made me want to see the beautiful place where you live.

  • Summer Albin

    That was a stunning display to say the least. Soon I’ll be picking up roots in California and moving my family of five to Georgia. I can’t wait to explore all that the south has to offer. This video makes me very excited about my own future adventures and the success it brings your nest. Best to you.

  • Alana Rasbach

    This is absolutely amazing!! Ya’ll are so fun and cute! Makes me want to do a trip like that. (Success!!)

  • Mandy

    how cool and what a treasure for you family

  • Elly

    This commercial is so great. I really enjoyed watching it and the way your family lifestyle comes across is truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing and I think your blog is fantastic :)

  • Nicole

    Love this! I’ve been reading your blog for a long time…love the direction your style has taken and the success you’re having


  • kendra

    Dolly is perfect. this is beautiful!

  • Lauren Shaw

    How cool! A TV commercial, dolly parton, and rolling stone!? Congrats to you and your sweet family. Great commercial – you all look so beautiful and happy. Love your blog!

  • Nell

    Holy smokes. That is awesome. I mean, it has Dolly Parton singing over it! Something to treasure forever. X

  • Katy @ All Sorts of Pretty

    That’s awesome!!! What a treat to have stopped time in a gorgeous video like that – you will love to have that in the years to come. And it makes me want to visit Dollywood and east TN – without being touristy or cheesy at all. Well done, it’s so sweet.

  • Patchi Cancado

    I adored this video. Great feeling from watching it! Nicely done.

  • cynthia

    how wonderful – such a beautiful gentle film.

  • Teffy Perk

    Amazing James!! I even got goosebumps it’s so sweet. Such an incredible thing for you guys to have a video made and such memories to look back on.
    Very touching!

    {Teffy’s Perks} X

  • Jessica

    Love seeing your sweet family in action! Your children are just darling. I love that little line Birdie has at the beginning about her suitcase. So precious. Congrats!!

  • Brittany

    As a Mississippi girl who grew up less than an hour from the Tennessee state line, I’ve a strong hankerin’ to cross over and move north after watching your family’s heart-warming adventures. :)

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