The first day of Summer Solstice is just two-and-a-half weeks away, but this warm weather and the bright greenery surrounding us each day has me itching for adventure. Trips to the lake and river, camping with friends, barbecues, all day swimming pool sessions, they are all in our near future. Tomorrow morning we head out-of-town for our first trip of the season. Five days on the road with the family. I am excited.

Here are a few more things i am looking forward to this summer…

Eating / Fresh salads, gyros, and corn on the cob.
Drinking / Home-squeezed juice and sangria.
Practicing / Patience, kindness, selflessness, and humility, always.
Mastering / The art of time maintenance.
Learning / How to keep my plants alive.
Trying / To face my fear and ride on the back of my husband’s motorcycle from time to time.
Playing / More! We played nighttime hide-and-seek a week ago, for a good three hours, with the kids and the neighbor kids. It was truly a blast!
Finishing / So many things. I’m feeling anxious just typing that.
Reading / The Goldfinch. I bought the book ages ago and haven’t given myself time to sit down and read much at all.
Remembering / To take my vitamins and to get more sleep when I can.
Wearing / Cut-off shorts, t-shirts, and sandals.
Cooking / Big hearty meals for friends and family and eating outside on the deck.
Working / A little bit less.
Traveling / A little bit more.
Wanting / To exercise. After that three-hour bout running and playing hide-and-seek, I realized just how out of shape I am.

Goals are good. What are yours for summertime?

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  • Ania

    I picture myself and my little boy riding our flying dutchman all day long ;)

  • kirsty roberts

    My goals are pretty similar, I definitely need to exercise more, I could do with working less, being patient and kind and hopefully making the time to spend more one on one time with each of my kids. Thats a tough one right? No matter what we do as parents, the guilt is always there..

  • Lauren

    Me too! I love summer. Grilling out most nights of the week, eating freshly picked strawberries and kale from the garden (and only bothering to brush the dirt off), hosing down my boys in lieu of a nighttime bath, long days picnicking and floating in some body of water… it’s all just so great!

    Happy Summer!

  • jessica

    Agree with you on the vits….I buy tons…but forget to take them! ;(


  • Briseidy

    great list and pics! so glad summer is just around the corner!

  • Juju at Tales of Whimsy...

    Working less and traveling more? Ahhhh summer.

    Great photos!

  • Joann

    I want to road trip and spend some time at the beach!


  • Ashley Ozuna

    Aww lovely choices =) I hope to slow down a bit and chersih my 4 kids as much as I can, but have an epic adventure filled Summer as well….Not sure if the two go hand in hand, but I shall try……and Summer is definitely here in California!

  • Brooke

    I am so looking forward to time off and having my baby at the end of june/first of July! It will be possibly my best summer yet! And I agree, sangria sounds amazing! 9 months sans alcohol is almost over! Lol

  • Jade Sheldon-Burnsed

    All those things sound truly amazing. I’m looking forward to crepes on the boardwalk, walk along the beach, trips to the rose gardens and sampling new things at the farmers market…

  • kelly rae

    I can never keep any plants alive. Maybe one day I’ll have a green thumb. Our little family is heading to Paris for holiday and I’m super excited about it. Other than that I’m starting a collaboration this summer with an archive to create artwork. Pretty stoked about that.

  • Pam

    I’m with you on the exercise, my yoga practice is sadly sporadic. One of my summer goals is to make it daily. Also to prepare for our first year of homeschooling- I’m feeling nervous and not entirely capable. By the end of the summer I want to feel confident that it’s the right decision. Btw, I read The Goldfinch a few months back and couldn’t put it down. Safe and happy travels!

  • Ashley Parrish

    I love this list. And couldn’t be happier that it is almost (but feels like) summertime! Excited to read about where y’all do your traveling to :)

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  • Ange

    Summer! It’s rainy and cold where I am. But I still have hope that it will come.

  • marie

    I’ll be looking forward to motherhood this summer! We’re having baby boy #2 soon and so excited!! :)


  • Tina

    Ohhh I just love summer. That top picture is my fav!

  • Polly

    Love these dreamy images. I’m looking forward to BBQs at the weekend, picnics in the evenings, and holidaying to Spain!

  • The Sleep Shirt

    The Goldfinch is an excellent book – great summer reading.

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