4My friend Carrie (who is from Kentucky) and I were talking the other day and she mentioned her favorite snack, which is considered a southern staple, the tomato sandwich. I was immediately intrigued because anything on the subject of food sparks my interest. Thinking it would be some amazing and fancy recipe that I must try, I asked her how they are made. Her answer left my brow furrowed and me scratching my head. The tomato sandwich consists of cheap white bread, big juicy tomatoes, loads of salt and pepper, and a thick spread of mayonnaise. Doesn’t sound too appetizing does it?—or maybe it does, but it didn’t to me. She then explained that you have to try it to understand and at that point two other Kentucky friends chimed in that indeed, the tomato sandwich is delicious.

So, I tried it. Actually I tried three. They are good. So, so good! I used some cheap honey wheat bread and the biggest, beefiest, Heirloom tomatoes I could find. I get it now. Try one if you are curious. I promise these southern belles know what they’re talking about.


  • Anita

    Try it toasted. It’s much better like that!

  • jessica

    It’s the little things in life….that sometimes bring the most pleasure…;))

  • Lia

    I fell in love with these a few years ago. They’re the best! Stopped by the comments to make note of the toasted thing, but someone already beat me to it! Toasted! You won’t regret it!

  • Meg

    Some of my favorite childhood memories are sitting on the back porch with my dad, eating tomato sandwiches using tomatoes fresh out of the garden. To this day they are my favorite thing to have a lunch!

  • Laura / Afterglobe

    Whoa, that tomato! And now I definitely need to go grocery shopping since we don’t have either of the things to make this sandwich and now it’s all I want to eat ;)

  • Kristen

    Try it with Duke’s mayonnaise! A Southern staple.

  • Ashley

    When I was a little girl, I read Harriet the Spy, and she talks about her lunch being a tomato sandwich. Immediately intrigued I begged my mother to make it, and have been HOOKED since then. It’s probably my favorite go-to when I have “nothing to eat” in the house. Summertime tomato sandwiches cannot be beat.

  • Whitney Torres

    Yes, Duke’s mayonnaise is a must! This is my favorite summer meal. I’m craving one now!

  • heather

    you should try it with miracle whip — the tanginess adds a perfect zing!! one of my favorite snacks growing up.

  • Liz

    Not just for southerners! My grandfather ate these a few times a week and I loved making them for him growing up. We are East Coasters and have long loved the tomato sandwich – cucumber sandwiches are delish too! Toast the bread a little and you are in heaven.

  • nicole

    My grandmother used to make these for me in the summer. Something about picking warm tomatoes from the garden on a summer day in the south just feels so right.

  • kirsty roberts

    Is it weird that I actually prefer mine on toasted white bread? Still delicious though!

  • Kelley Anne

    I used to eat them with my southern belle grandmother growing up. They are delicious. She also served fresh beautiful tomato and avocado slices at the dinner table every time we ate with them, with salt and pepper of course. Try Duke’s mayonnaise if you can find it (I’m pretty sure its only sold in the south). Its amazing and the only kind my grandmother will use.

  • Sandy Caribou

    I make these open-faced with a good toast. Sometimes I use spreadable cheese, and a sprinkle of fresh basil. YUM

  • Silvia

    I grew up in South Africa and they were part of my childhood too – i still love them. Must be something about growing up in Southern areas in general, where it’s hot and sunny and these are just the most refreshing sandwiches. We also had a lot of open avocado sandwiches, with lots of salt and pepper and a sprinkling of lemon juice – delicious. x

  • Christine

    This was my pregnancy comfort food! :)

  • Annette Tirette

    Hah, this is almost exactly like the ones we had in my family in Belgium… Except we added a slice of Gouda cheese! It’s still one of my favourite sandwiches.

  • MFree

    This is a staple in our family passed down from my Mother and Grandmother. We up it a bit and peel the tomatoes. It’s amazing how much the flavor changes without the peel!

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