Sorry about the silence here over the past week, we were on vacation, sort of. The Tennessee Department of Tourist Development reached out to us a few short weeks ago, asking if we would be willing to go on a five-day East Tennessee vacation, and also to allow a camera crew to film us and shoot a Tennessee tourism commercial. We were really hesitant because being filmed isn’t our thing, but after much back and forth, debate and consideration, and talking with the kids, we decided as a family, why not?! And so we did. There was going to be no acting involved, it was completely natural, and we could do our thing.

We left bright and early last Thursday morning and returned home last night. We got to road trip as a family down to East Tennessee and see a part of the state that we had never seen before and go to many fun places like DollyWood and The Smoky Mountains. We had an amazing crew that all of the kids fell in love with. Seriously, Birdie keeps asking us “Can the crew come over?” It was a really neat and fun experience that we will never forget. And hey, we get to be in a commercial, too. Pretty cool. We took a ton of photos and I will share them with you all soon. It was the perfect send off before the big kids left for their summer vacation in Florida, today. They are already missed and I am thankful we were able to spend an extra week with them.


  • Jessie

    Congratulations! I look forward to seeing the photos :)

  • Heidi

    I live in East TN! Awesome! Love Dollywood and the Smokies!

  • Carolina F.

    I can’t wait for the photos! Your family is lovely

  • FIRA

    I can’t wait to see your post about your five-day East Tennessee vacation!

  • FIRA

    I can’t wait to see your five-day East Tennessee vacation’s entry!

  • Lauren

    Amazing! I’m so interested about your experience doing this… we are being considered for a show on off-grid living right now and I keep going back and forth between being ridiculously excited and hopeful to being anxious and apprehensive about what filming day to day would be like. It is completely different from the blogosphere, where you can edit and pick and choose what you want others to see.

    Kudos to you for taking the plunge, being courageous, and going for it. I’m sure it will be amazing!

  • Danielle

    How fun! And, as Instagram so tastefully portrayed, beautiful. Hope you all enjoyed! Looking forward to seeing this commercial… and elongating my “Visit TN” list ;)

  • Elisabeth

    How fun! I loved following along on Instagram. East Tennessee is one of my favorites places I’ve been….it’s so beautiful!

  • Melanie

    Teehee.. love that Birdie is ‘picking a wedgie’ in this image!

    What an awesome opportunity though! So glad you all had fun.

  • brittany

    that is so much fun!! i haven’t been out that direction since i was little and i was just talking about how i’d love to go back! also, as a tennessean, i hope i get to see this commercial!! ;) i bet your fam had a blast.

  • sarah nadine

    sweet! your pics on IG were depicting ‘fun times’ … can’t wait to see the other pics too!


  • Kiti

    All the family in action, it seems that you have had a lot of fun, can’t wait the result! ;)

  • marie

    Haha I agree with the above comment, I also find it amusing that Birdie was scratching her butt in the photo! Can’t wait to see the commercial, your kids must be pretty excited too! :)

  • Leanne

    We as a family filmed a independent commercial last month… Although it wasn’t anything as near as adventurous and interesting as yours. We didn’t think twice when asked as we thought it would be a great memory to have and keep. Plus, a keepsake that has all of us in unlike most of our photos which consist of just one parent :-)

  • Courtney O.

    This is pretty awesome… I am sure we have all been a lite curious and awe struck by the beautiful images feeding on IG. Thanks for sharing, you lucky dogs.

  • Sioned

    Life is an experience- you definitely made the right choice :) can’t wait to see it all! xxxx

  • Denea

    All of your photos on Instagram looked like you all were having so much fun! I hope you write about all the places you visited on your trip. I’ve never been to Tennessee and after seeing you pictures I want to take my family there!

  • Stephanie

    When I was 16 I took a road trip with one of my closest friends to Tennessee. We travelled two days by car from Canada to get to Pigeon Forge. From there we went to Dollywood and a few other places! It was so much fun and Tennessee is a beautiful place and those mountains are dreamy.


  • Taylor

    How cool! Congratulations! I can’t wait to see the pictures and hopefully the video as well!


  • Juju at Tales of Whimsy...

    Sounds fun. Not sure how one can act natural with a camera around, but it sounds fun. What an adventure. I look forward to seeing your pics and what they put together.

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