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I am so excited to introduce my labor of love, MOTHER. While in Park City last year, I met Katie Hintz-Zambrano, who was at the time, Senior West Coast Editor of Refinery29. Little did I know that just one month later, Katie and I would become business partners and join forces to create a full-service parenting site that just launched today! MOTHER is your one-stop destination that covers everything from fashion, beauty, home, food, travel, and beautifully shot profiles of mothers around the world. The site is updated three times a day, so we hope you’ll be coming back time and time again. We think there’s something there for everyone, whether you’re a mother or not!

We hope you love the site as much as we do, and would so appreciate your support!


You can find us on…

Instagram: @mothermag
Pinterest: @mothermagdotcom
We’re also on Facebook and Google+.

Mobile users: We are still in the process of making MOTHER a mobile friendly. So, while you can view the site on mobile devices, the slideshows are not easy to use and we are working hard to make the site responsive.

Image credits: Maria Del Rio, Molly DeCoudreaux, Michelle Drewes, James Kicnksi-McCoy, and Jaclyn Campanaro.


  • sarah nadine

    loving it! nice work, great project!!


  • Linda

    God, this was really great! I was not aware that I needed such a site, but now when I see you’ve made ​​it, I realize that it was necessary, as you say, for both moms and non-moms. Thank you very much, I’ve already added it to my favorite bookmarks! Best of luck to both of you. Hugs from a big fan and regular reader from Norway.

  • Taylor

    Congratulations! So excited to see what you’ve been working on! The site looks absolutely gorgeous!


  • Heather

    So cool! I’m excited for your new venture!! Yay!!

  • Meghan Simon

    Wow that’s so exciting! It’s a lovely site, Congratulations!

  • Fernand et Firmin

    Such a beautiful project and original idea. Looking forward to add this one to my daily reads. Congrats !

  • Alexandra

    Congratulations, I am completely in love with this your new project. I spent the last hour watching everything and loved! I like it deo Bluebird, follow it long ago and now I’m going to make this Mother assiduous I also have four children and often find similarities in our options while living in places as distant and different. If you have curiosity visit our blog, I’d love to know that we proceeded to meet. Hug and congratulations once again.

  • Melissa @ An Impulse To Soar

    Congratulations! As a Mother, I’m very excited to check it out. Best, Melissa

  • natalie

    Amazing! My sister is about to become a single mama, maybe include some posts encompassing that aspect of motherhood as well! xoxo

  • Chloe Gordon

    I’m no mother (in fact I still live with mine) but I will definitely be reading MOTHER because it seems like such a beautifully curated site! I’m already wanting to test out the recipes from “10 recipes we want to try”!
    congrats on your new adventure!

  • sid

    the site looks great james! i like that you focus on mothers as people and what inspires them, not just on stuff for kiddos. the features are refreshing … looking forward to reading ;-)

  • Tina

    Congrats! So excited to read! I know I’ll be addicted

  • Casey

    So exciting! I’ve been dying to know what you’ve been so secretly up to… It looks fabulous! I think I’m gonna be one of those readers who ain’t even a mamma yet…!

  • Elisabeth

    Although I am not a mother, I must say, this is absolutely amazing! Congratulations on all of your hard work paying off! It is beautiful.


  • maria

    Just checked it all out. Very neat. Will definitely be a regular reader!

  • Teffy Perk

    Congratulations James!!
    That is so exciting and I am so happy for you =)

    I’m not a mum (far from my mind at the moment!) but it looks like a beautiful site. X

  • angi

    Congrats on the new site James! So fun! I will be adding it to my daily check-in.

  • Leah

    I believe your name is misspelled at the credits.

  • Marin

    such a beautiful site! congratulations on such a big accomplishment.

  • Kristina

    I’ve just clicked through, it’s wonderful, congratulations! I don’t have kids yet but the site is so beautiful and inspiring!

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