Have you guys heard about Projecteo? Projecteo is a tiny analog slideshow projector that turns your favorite instagram photos into a fun viewing party. So very cool! We loved going through our collection of photographs and choosing which ones we wanted to include on our image wheels. It’s fun for the kids and would make a great gift for grandparents or this upcoming Mother’s Day. They also offer worldwide shipping which is always nice.

Projecteo is giving away a Projecteo mini projector with two custom image wheels to FIVE Bleubird readers. To enter to win simply visit Projecteo and leave a comment below. I will choose the lucky winners on Friday. Good luck and thank you for playing!


  • Joey

    Wow, what an amazing giveaway! I would love to give this to my grandparents!

  • Emma

    Wait, this is so neat!!

  • shelli

    That is a really neat idea. I love new ways to use my photos. thanks for the offer!

  • Kate

    Oh what a cute cute giveaway!! Crossing my fingers :) Their site is so fun!

  • Caelin

    omg! this is amazing!

  • Jessie

    what a cool toy!!

  • Perri

    This reminds me of the viewfinder I had as a child (both the hand-held and the projector versions). Cute!

  • Ariana



    This is Super !! Make me Super Smile with this :)

  • iris

    As a child, the movies my father screened on the wall for me seemed like * * **Magic** * *
    Thank you Projecto for reminding me of this sweet memory
    I’m sure gonn’a bring the magic back to life for my daughter!

  • Marissa

    These are super cte

  • Kate

    I would love to own this little guy! It looks like you are missing the “e” for Projecteo. :-)

  • Lolo

    This is so awesome!!! Fingers crossed.

  • giulia

    this would make such fun gifts!!!

  • Micaela Elderkin


  • Casey

    This looks like so much fun! What a great idea!

  • Danielle

    This is completely awesome! What a neat idea.

  • Cass Jordan

    I am completely smitten with this little gadget! So fabulous!
    Bravo Projecteo!

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